Puzzword MODs APK download on android The game is simple. Take up to 6 guesses at a 4, 5, 6 or 7 letter word. For each guess, the results will show which letters are in the correct place (green with a solid border), in the wrong place (yellow with a dashed border) and which are not found in the word.

Like the recent Wordle craze, Lingo (tv show from the 80s) or the old game “Word Mastermind” but with a few tweaks. Puzzword has more word sizes, modes that change the difficulty of the game and more languages in the pipeline.

Current functionality:
– Simple but addictive word guessing game, based on Wordle/Lingo/Word Mastermind.
– Can play offline at any time, as many times as you wish.
– ~2000 words in en-GB (British English), ~2000 words in en-US (US English) and ~1000 5-letter words in es-ES (Spanish), ~500 words in fr-FR (French)
– Modes for 4, 5, 6 and 7 letter words (In the settings menu) (Spanish and French limited to 5 for now).
– Statistics around how many games played, won, lost and best winning streaks.
– Colours and border styles, for accessibility, as standard.
– Toggle to disable unfound letters words (makes it harder than Wordle)
– Toggle to hide incorrect keys to make the keyboard options smaller and make it easier to visualise
– Toggle to allow submission of non dictionary words to allow for easier deciphering of hard puzzles.

Additions thanks to user feedback:
– Added an automatic dark mode
– Switched the delete and submit keys
– Added toggle for the incorrect keys to be still usable (not disabled) after feedback from a player via Google Play.
– Improved hotspot sizes, contrasts and accessibility labels where possible.
– Added persistence so games can continue after closing the app
– Updated tablet UI massively

Loads of feedback actioned, please keep it coming. Feedback welcome via Twitter @iamthehiggster or email [email protected] <3
-Added multiple colour palettes to suit your style app id (com.higgster.puzzword)

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