Marbel Police Station MODs APK download on android Are your fascinated with police cars and police activities? If so, this app is for you! Marbel Police Station.

Marbel Police Station Have different experiences of being different kinds of police officers, including criminal police, patrolmen, special police, traffic police and security police. Simulate the real police station, handle all kinds of cases as a police officer! Improve the observation skills, shorten the reaction time, develop the sense of responsibility, and become more courageous.

Get ready for a fun-filled police force adventure! The Marbel Cops need YOUR help to run their police department. From solving crime mysteries to identifying suspects, it’s up to you to protect the neighborhood and keep everyone safe!

This is a job you should do as a good cop.
1. Arrange traffic on the fork when the traffic light is broken.
2. Arrange traffic at the intersection when the traffic light is broken.
3. Arrange traffic at the train junction in order to avoid accidents.
4. Handle accidents on the highway!
5. Set the vehicle in the parking lot.
6. Be a great Presidential guard!
7. Ambulance Guard! Between as fast as possible to the nearest hospital.
8. There was an accident! Arrange traffic, call a tow truck, fire truck and ambulance as soon as possible!
9. There’s a car coming into the river! Call the police helicopter to pick it up!
Be a great cop who is always ready to catch criminals.
11. Help people find their lost items.
12. Many children are reported disappearing! Let’s help find them!

Give apropriate game for your kids. Be aside with them while playing to avoid technology misused. With Marbel Airport Adventure, kids will not only play, but also learn about activities in airport.

Marbel is educational application especially for kids aged 2-8 y.o. Throughout Marbel, Kids learn a lot of stuff in fun way. It helps kids recognizing a new stuff such as vegetables, fruits, animals, transportations, and many more. The most interesting is that Marbel has a lot of educational games, such as, pop quiz, memorize, etc. It was equipped with cool pictures, great animations, original music, and also narration to help kids who still get difficulties in reading.

We would appreciate your critics and suggestion. Don’t be hesitate to send it to:
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More information about MARBEL:
#Twitter: @educastudio
#Instagram: Educa Studio

This app can be downloaded free. All standard features can be played free. However, several features only can be played by purchasing the full version. This app also displays advertisement. If you do not want the ads appeared, you can purchase the full version.
Game cannot be played on some devices app id (com.educastudio.marbelpolicestation)

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