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Viper racing pc game free download

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For those who are truly bothered by the lack of other vehicles, you may find this a welcome addition. The hacks menu is a nice thing to have, but once you get hooked into the career mode side of things, you will most likely leave this stuff behind. The Challenge: Viper Racing is tough. Maybe it's because it seems to be ultra-realistic; maybe it's because I grew up driving a '66 VW Bug.

Regardless, the AI drivers in this game kick my back-end all up and down the track. With that excuse wasted, I finally figured out that maybe MGI taught these guys how to drive. Heck, they even taught them to evade certain death. The true test of any driving game is how the AI handles a player flipping a "U-ie" in the middle of the track.

In most games, they meet me head-on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these cars don't have airbags. Viper Racing is much more prepared on this front. The fact that they wildly swerve to save their own hind-ends points out that you are dealing with some top-notch contenders.

Graphically, the game is just a tad short of stunning. Very nice, but there is something about it that didn't push me over the edge and make me gape in awe at my monitor. Yes, I have seen better, but sometimes "better graphics" doesn't necessarily mean "better game. Before I get into specifics on the graphics, let me tell you about one of the coolest features yet to hit most games. Remember tweaking settings in the past to find that exact mix of great-looking graphics while still maintaining your desired frames per second?

You would turn a setting on or off and then go play to see if you really improved anything. Well, Viper Racing takes all the guesswork out of this menial task and does it all for you. Within the option-screen itself is a "Benchmark" button.

After you tweak the resolution, draw distance, smoke-effects, etc. Since the benchmark runs through the exact same gameplay sequence, no guesswork in needed. The car. Yeah, I guess that's right THE car. If you focus solely on one type of vehicle, you'd better make it look right. And yes, the Dodge Viper is faithfully represented in its one shape, but many colors.

The included "Paint Shop" allows you to customize the exterior of your car to your heart's content. In fact, you can import TGA files and even download new "skins" from the Web. All this helps to alleviate the fact that you really only get to drive one car, but it is THE car. Damage is another quality faithfully represented graphically. When you break an axle, there is no question in your mind what you have done. Your wheels will get all askew and stop turning as you helplessly drive in circles.

Hit a signpost with your car and you'll do a good amount of body damage. In fact, if you keep it up, you'll start to resemble a discarded soda can more than anything made by Dodge.

The tracks themselves are quite nice. The scenery flies by at a good pace, the roads look like roads, and plunging into a body of water is a treat to behold. I fully understand that staying on the road is the main purpose of the game, but sometimes my eyes would wander and off the cliff I would go. Wait a second! Now I know what it is that bugs me. It's the fact that there is no fog. Well, actually, Viper Racing doesn't seem to feature any type of weather, but it's the lack of fog that I think perplexes me the most.

Most 3D games use fog to cheat and give you a better frame rate. The limited distance you are able to see objects with "fog" allows them to move you along at a pretty good clip. Viper Racing , on the other hand, pretty much lets you see as far as the eye can see. It's downright amazing. What I initially thought was wrong is very much right. Here's really where the game falters a bit for me.

A lot of times I don't pay too much attention to the sound in the game, except when there are some serious problems. The first thing you will notice is some sort of weird crackle-bang-pop start-up sound whenever a race starts. It sounds almost as if someone shot carb-cleaner into your air intake before you started your car. Again, since I have never driven an actual Viper, maybe this is what they really sound like when starting. If my car did that, I'd be visiting the Dodge dealership the very next day.

Once you get over being scared to death by your engine starting, you are treated to 4. Yeah, I bet you are as excited as I was. All is not good with this simple 4. Well, someone decided that it would be nice and simple to loop that 4. It becomes noticeable once you gather enough speed in fifth gear to keep the engine at a constant hum.

It's here that you realize you are listening to a poorly-put-together sound loop. Every 4. Maybe it won't bother you, but speaking as someone who usually couldn't care less, it was distracting. Thank you, MGI and Sierra, for not having a soundtrack.

I'm all for music-enhanced gameplay and usually enjoy a good soundtrack for the most part. With the rash of driving titles I've been playing this winter, I have come to a solid conclusion: no music is way, way better than bad music.

I recommend: A portable tape player and headphones with a tape of at least more than 4. The documentation is fine. In fact, I never really looked at it until I needed to write this paragraph. You shouldn't need to reference it much, other than looking up the hot keys needed to switch views and such. Viper Racing's interface is so well laid out that the usual checking of the manual to see what to do next is not needed.

This is simple. There are better games out there that are probably not as realistic. There are better games out there that are probably more realistic, but not very fun.

This falls nicely in the middle of that road. If you always wanted to know what it feels like to take Dodge's finest -- at least since the K-Car -- and take on some of the best driving AI I've witnessed, go get this.

If having only one car and eight tracks turns you off� well, I won't lie to you. You will probably not enjoy this game and become frustratingly bored in short order. Viper Racing isn't about numbers. It is about doing one thing and doing that one thing better than most. It will remain on my hard drive at least until K-Car Racing fills its place. On sale now. Movies for gamers. Browse all games. More GOG. GOG Galaxy. Join the team. Game technical issues.

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WebFeb 15, �� Viper Racing Demo. Viper Racing is the latest driving simulation from Sierra Sports, Players must earn money in order to progress in the competition and . WebViper Racing is a game racing / driving developed by Monster Games, Inc. and published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.. Originally released in United States, Germany, Brazil in . WebThis is something of an unusual racing game, differing from Need For Speed and other such efforts, in that it focuses on one particular type of car, rather than offering players .