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7th sea heroes and villains pdf download

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His knack for business made him even richer as a grain speculator. Yet high society bored him. He felt unmoored: too much time, too little purpose. But soon, his rounds forged a relationship with the homeless of Voruta. He surprised panhandlers with not only coin, but also tips on the warmest places to shelter or the restaurants that gave away the most food.

Sickness and exposure were the usual suspects, but such cannot hide bodies. Here, he stumbled over boxes and trash in alleys as he chased down the Doctor. He barely caught up, his saber and shield just managing to save him from her preternatural strength. Still, in the end, she escaped. When the newspapers found out about the incident, everything changed. Goals Find a home for the orphan he rescued. The day he first came upon the Ebon Doctor, he stopped her from sweeping up a six-year-old homeless girl.

Are her parents still out there? With the orphanage destroyed years ago, maybe it is time for a new one. Appoint a better leader than he as Watch Captain.

He excels at planning and martial arts, but not command or public relations. A kick sent him flying through a door. How can so much power reside in such a small woman? As a battle-scarred man with a far-fetched theory about a shadowy menace, he is practiced at describing weird things using ordinary, familiar language.

But in moments of intensity or crisis, his words become dramatic and florid, like the protagonist in a Numanari tragedy. He sometimes speaks quietly into empty rooms or at nothing, conversing with the Doctor even though she is not there.

He will not easily admit it, but the theology that underlies her villainy, which he finds scrawled on scraps of paper at the site of each of her abductions, intimidates him.

He fears that whatever she thinks is coming may be more dangerous than the Doctor herself. Are you? This is your last chance to surrender.

Earn a Hero Point when you resort to the edge of your blade to defend a noble ideal. Virtue: The Emperor Commanding. Activate your Virtue. Hubris: Coins Relentless. Choose one Maneuver you know. You can spend a Hero Point instead of a Raise to perform this Maneuver.

All other rules pertaining to Maneuvers still apply you can still only perform some Maneuvers once per Round, you cannot perform the same Maneuver twice in a row, etc. A Hero can only use this Advantage once per Round. All souls on this vessel are bound to their promise�that is, except the captain.

Catalina Morta, child of two sailors that fell in love on the vessel of the damned, was born on the vessel and never took the oath. The old captain offered to let Catalina go when her parents died, but she refused. That steadfast loyalty, combined with a deft sword hand, saw Catalina rise through the ranks to captain the ship herself.

Cut off from land, Catalina thirsted for new experiences. Fresh arrivals to the ship were tasked with teaching her new knowledge and skills; she even learned Aldana from a Duelist who bound himself to the ship as payment for a life he took unjustly.

She questions if Castille is best served by the Council of Cardinals or by the young King, and where her own loyalty should lie.

She especially relishes going after slave ships and freeing the slaves, as she believes no one should be bound into service against their will. Only one who has truly lived can welcome death. So, now from time to time, she leaves her beloved ship in the hands of her first mate and ventures onto land.

She shall gain the experience she needs in order to serve Castille. Goals Rid the seas of Estallio, the giant serpent. Some people claim that Estallio is a myth. To Catalina, there is no such thing as myth: Estallio is a threat to every Castillian vessel that crosses La Boca de Cielo.

Gaze upon the cliffs of Avalon with her own eyes. She would love to travel, and the cliffs of Avalon�as far from La Boca de Cielo as one can get�are the epitome of that longing. The Cardinals are in it for their own enrichment. The Good King is too young to make tough calls. Playing Catalina Morta Catalina unwaveringly places Castille above herself. Catalina struggles with the customs of the living, but has forced herself into this new world for the glory of her beloved country.

Catalina rarely laughs, but in a rebuke to the cold darkness that surrounds her, she loves to sing shanties and tell rambunctious tales of her adventures. Taking and dismissing lovers easily, the concept of jealousy eludes Catalina.

Earn a Hero Point when you uphold an ideal of knightly virtue in a way that gets you into trouble. Earn a Hero Point when you put aside your personal desires to ensure the safety and comfort of your allies. Virtue: The Hanged Man Altruistic. Few know that as well as Eadric Croft. Born in the tiny village of Coldwater Bay in County Kilkenny, Eadric was only 12 when a raiding party decimated his village.

Eadric awoke to the sounds of battle and his father holding off an armed raider. The boy awoke to his dying mother putting him in a boat and sending him into the bay under cover of fog. Wounded and lying in the bottom of the boat, Eadric Croft received his first vision. He saw a figure chained to rocks inside a half-drowned cave, singing sad, lilting tunes that echoed out over the water.

When the boy awoke, his injuries were healed. Coldwater Bay was not so lucky. Every inhabitant was slaughtered, their goods and livestock ransacked. Years passed, and people forgot about the massacre at Coldwater Bay. The Baron, Byron Kilkenny, ordered the village repopulated to ensure the key fishing village provided money to the county. Nine years passed before the first stories of the Ghost of Inismore began to circulate County Kilkenny.

Raiding parties had returned in force after years of relative peace. Only this time, someone was taking them on. Stories emerged about a dark-sided boat appearing out of nowhere during raids, sabotaging the raiders before they could even put to shore. They spoke about a quiet man with scars up and down his neck, face and arms who strode into battle against the marauders and defended the locals. Eadric Croft is no ghost.

The injured boy has grown into a hard but thoughtful man, drawn by his mysterious visions to places where the people are under threat. The rest of the time he lives alone on his boat, wandering the coast in search of the drowned caves that give him his visions.

His search has led him back home, towards the shores of Kilkenny, to his town renamed Redwater Bay. The people are once more in danger from raiders, and the Baron is unwilling to sufficiently defend his own people. Solitary by nature, Eadric knows he cannot fight the waves of raiders alone. Goals Foster good relations with locals. Without friends and family, he runs the risk of becoming a true ghost or else losing himself to isolation and madness. Making connections with locals will also help head off the distrustful rumors being spread by Baron Kilkenny.

Organize locals against raiders. He must gather the villagers and teach them to defend their homes or risk having his heroism undone the moment he leaves. Learn the source of his visions in the Sea Caves of Kilkenny. Terrifying visions haunt Eadric. He sees a drowned cave in the cliffs below Kilkenny and a figure bound to the rocks by iron chains.

Eadric must discover the source of his visions, but fears that in doing so they just might come to an end and leave him powerless. Playing Eadric Croft Eadric Croft is a nomad, a restless soul driven to protect his people by an unknown source that provides him with his visions. He prefers the company of the sea to people and presents as uncomfortable and distracted when interacting with others. He speaks little, choosing action over words.

Eadric would rather stay on his boat than on land and never looks anyone in the eye in everyday conversation. In a fight, however, Eadric is the epitome of a knight errant, direct, brave and true, his confidence and command restored. None of you better tell me the odds. Earn a Hero Point when you defeat the enemies of the Crown of Avalon. Virtue: Coins Adaptable. Activate your Virtue to take your first Action before anyone else in a Round.

Hubris: The Hero Foolhardy. Isaac is in love with gambling. The feel of dice in his hands. The satisfaction of an expertly shuffled deck.

The math and science of probability. The challenge of card counting. The delight of learning a new game from a far-off land.

The camaraderie and sportsmanship of gaming with friends. An amazing warrior, good sailor and a capable captain, Isaac took many a prize for Avalon and earned a small fortune. He planned to retire early, marry his boyfriend Yves, hold on to his beloved frigate Lady Luck and sail from port to port seeing the sights and trading goods on the up-and-up instead of swapping violence for money.

Isaac overestimated his ability, as he often tends to do, and lost the second most precious thing in his life�his ship. He reasoned he could easily beat the pirate Captain Cormick McCormick in a game of dice, but dumb luck put him so far in debt, McCormick took Lady Luck as collateral.

He has no ship, no crew and definitely no engagement until he can turn things around. The adolescent roof-runners�couriers and thieves and runaways�who spring and tumble from rooftop to rooftop, swinging on flagpoles and sliding down waterspouts, are baffled at the sudden appearance of a middle-aged pirate with a cutlass and pistol, racing alongside them and studying their tricks. When the time comes to retake Lady Luck, Isaac will be in top fighting form, even more physically audacious than he was as a young man.

Goals Assemble a crew of able privateers. As bad as it felt to lose Lady Luck, telling the crew he lost the ship was worse. To get a new crew, Isaac has to prove himself once again, as a leader, a sailor and a warrior. Recapture Lady Luck while she rests at anchor. Captain McCormick is a notorious pirate and an able commander.

Lady Luck is both fast and well-armed. Sneaking onto the ship while she rests at anchor, with McCormick carousing in a tavern and only a skeleton crew aboard, might give him a chance.

Propose to Yves, with Lady Luck as an engagement present. Isaac planned to ask his boyfriend of four years to marry him. Lady Luck was to be the engagement present.

Playing Isaac Paige Isaac tends to dress a little too formally for every occasion, and his most common expression is a charmingly nervous smile. He is self-effacing and has a tendency toward flattery, even to those he just met. One thing Isaac cannot resist is a bet. Gambling is his weakness and while he is desperately trying to change, it is difficult for him.

Earn a Hero Point when you best a trained duelist at her own game. Virtue: The Thrones Comforting. Activate your Virtue to cancel the effects of Fear on you and your friends. Hubris: The Moonless Night Confusion. You receive a Hero Point when your Hero fails to understand an important plot element and that misunderstanding leads to danger for herself or others.

She believed that surely the world must be a beautiful, perfect place already thanks to the good and kind Bastion.

When her father told her that there was still inequity in the world, Isabeau vowed she would dedicate her life to becoming a warrior for good, just like her hero. Isabeau focused all her efforts on becoming like Bastion. She received lessons in sword fighting as well as archery and tracking. She became an accomplished horsewoman and learned three languages. Isabeau grew proud of her martial accomplishments, until her mother reminded her that a warrior fought inequity through charity as well.

Isabeau realized that she could serve others best as a gentle knight. The old knight took Isabeau on himself, tutoring her in the ways of a knight.

More importantly, Sir Callen educated her on the real needs of the people of Montaigne. For the first time, the noble-born girl saw how the peasantry lived and suffered under the burden of corrupt nobles and harsh living. She set to work helping wherever she could, and her passion impressed Sir Callen so that he willingly accepted her as his squire. They trained together for five more years. During the fighting, Isabeau witnessed the true horrors of war.

She struggled to maintain her faith in the face of such bloodshed. However, Pierre was mortally wounded just days before peace was declared. He returned to court a shell of a man. Isabeau meanwhile was knighted for her bravery on the battlefield. But the ceremony was tinged with sadness due to her loss. Goals Take Sir Callen Alberte on a quest to regain his confidence. The death of Pierre hit Sir Callen very hard. Isabeau has heard of some Montaigne merchants in the north trapped in a mountain pass, supposedly by kobolds.

This quest might be what Sir Callen needs to remember his vows. Over the last few months, someone has been using courtly political intrigue to turn Knights assigned to the court against one another. Hurt feelings are turning into grudges, and there are fights breaking out. Find the heart of the machinations and bring them to light. Win the title of Inheritor of Bastion at court. Playing Isabeau Durpan Isabeau is a woman of intelligence and noble breeding. Having set aside the pampered life for one of battle and sword, her kind smile reveals a woman with wisdom far beyond her years.

Isabeau works to carry herself with nobility and poise. She speaks softly, quotes church texts often and would prefer to live simply while giving away what she has to those more in need. Isabeau also has a quiet sense of amusement about her choices in life and a self-deprecating humor that disarms even the most venomous opposition.

I have three girls who need me. They are all the inspiration I need. Choose another Duelist Academy Style to learn. Still, Lorenzo was so caught up in his life as a daring swashbuckler, he spent little time at home with his wife and children. He always believed there would be time for that when his adventures were done. Then tragedy struck.

Luckily, the doctors were able to rescue the infant and the grieving Lorenzo welcomed his little daughter Marienne into the world. Lorenzo vowed that he would not miss out on the important moments with his daughters. He retired from his life of adventure. Lorenzo became the doting father that his girls needed, especially little Marienne. While her elder sisters became lively, intelligent young women, Marienne grew up sullen and sad. Because of her isolation, it took Lorenzo some time to discover Marienne was hiding magical abilities, similar to her sisters.

At the same time, the townspeople approached him with a new problem. Someone was kidnapping young women across the countryside, stealing them from their bedrooms, girls nearly the same age as his own daughters. Though his family needed him, Lorenzo realized few others would stand up for these girls and women, so he decided to take up his sword once more.

Splitting his time between caring for Marienne and finding the culprits, the old swordsman is off to the rescue, not knowing that the kidnappers have set their sights on his own family. Goals Protect Marienne against suspicious locals. Lorenzo must help protect Marienne while guiding her to keep this magic under control. The little girl is prone to fits of sadness and anger, which can trigger the magic, making her quite hard to hide. Find a new magic teacher for his girls. Due to the hatred in Vodacce for magic, there are so few people who publicly display their powers.

Lorenzo is not the wealthiest man and worries that the price for this aid may be more than he can afford. But for his girls, the proud father spares no expense. Uncover the kidnapper stalking young women across the countryside. Hot on the trail of any clues, Lorenzo must discover what connects these young women to one another. Playing Lorenzo Caravello Lorenzo is a handsome Vodacce man just past his prime. Fit, though with a little paunch around the middle, he walks with the charismatic but slightly weary grin of a man with three rambunctious daughters.

A pious man, Lorenzo is often given to prayer and believes in kind words but bold, decisive action. Though he can be stern in professional matters, that sternness all but melts away in the presence of his daughters. Around them he is a proud papa, all affection and loving attention. Earn a Hero Point when you teach someone a lesson in a way that would make Matushka proud.

Virtue: Reunion Exemplary. Activate your Virtue and choose another Hero in the same scene to pool your Raises for the round, spending Raises to take Actions from your shared pool. Hubris: The Devil Trusting. His Restrictions are Forgiveness and Honesty. Story: History Marrok The early story of the man who would become Marrok started with an illicit affair in the heart of rural Ussura. A peasant woman named Irina lived in a village in Veche.

She married Boris Ivanovich, a wealthy landowner whose prospects to move up in the world were high. Their marriage soured and Irina secretly pledged her love to the son of a Novgorov family traveling the province. When Irina discovered she was pregnant, she wrote her lover about the baby.

Her husband intercepted her letters, locking her away until the birth, then took the child out into the woods and left him to die in the freezing winter night. Maybe it was Ussura taking care of its own. Whatever the case, the baby did not perish in the elements. Instead, the little boy was rescued by a pack of wolves and raised as their own.

Locals told stories about a pack of huge wolves running with a small child strong enough to keep up with even the most powerful pack members. Anyone who caught a glimpse of him described a handsome if desperately filthy boy with intense green eyes and long, matted hair.

For Marrok, life was dangerous, exciting and fairly innocent. Hunters from Veche believed these wolves were descended from the Leshiye and that bringing home the pelts would give them everlasting strength and luck in battle. Although the locals forbade them from hunting the animals, the men disobeyed. He remembers his pack dying as he fought over the injured form of his wolf mother.

Then, there was nothing. A day later, Marrok wandered into a farm, naked, covered in blood and clutching the torn shirt of one of the hunters. The kind farmer Alexi Natalova took the feral man in, tended his wounds and taught him the basics of language and the human world.

Through Alexi, Marrok discovered the good in mankind and learned how the strong could protect the weak. Months passed. Leaving his only friend Alexi behind, he took to the road to track down the killers.

Now Marrok is on the trail, looking for clues to link the torn shirt and the crest on its breast to the vengeance he so desperately seeks. Goals Find a human pack to travel with and protect. Marrok posses the heart of a wolf, but has no pack�a situation he finds nearly intolerable. Living so closely with others for so long, Marrok needs companionship and camaraderie to survive and must find a human pack to fill the gap.

Bring the murderers of his wolf pack to justice. Marrok must find the people who killed his wolf family and take vengeance. His only clue is the direction the killers came from and the bloody, torn shirt of one of the lead hunters.

His friend Alexi was concerned and said the crest on the shirt was from the Vestenova family, loyal to the powerful Riasanova family of the Knias Douma. Once he rejoined the world of man, Marrok had many questions about his origins.

His only clue is the rock where he was found by the wolves and his startling resemblance to the well-known political prince, Aleksi Novgorov. The mountain of a man walks with shoulders hunched against the cold under layers of shaggy fur attached to thick leather hides. He moves with animalistic grace and is nearly as fast on all fours as he is on two legs.

Marrok speaks in low guttural noises and short sentences. Well, that rumbling sound you hear coming from your left is a moose stampede the village kids have started a little ways uphill. If any of you are left at the end of that, maybe we can fence.

Virtue: The War Victorious. Activate your Virtue the first time you Wound a Villain during a fight to make him take a Dramatic Wound in addition to the Wounds you normally deal.

Hubris: The Emperor Hot-Headed. You receive a Hero Point when your Hero flies off the handle and loses her temper, causing trouble. One day, many years ago, a crew of pirates stormed on shore and met Olsung shieldbearers outside the village.

The Olsungs were victorious after a farm girl made a suicidal charge and struck down the pirate captain with a single lucky axe blow that sent the pirate crew scattering in consternation.

Her chieftain lambasted her for her ill-advised charge, but applauded her for winning the battle for them. She was the first Olin Olle Olsen, a symbol, a normal member of the clan who through sheer dumb luck and heart protected her lands. The clan chooses if the Olin dies before finding a nominee.

There was the Olin who orchestrated a pony cavalry charge below decks in a pirate ship. The Olin who trained a dog to retrieve her javelins. The Olin who put horns on his helmet so he could gore enemies like a bull. Olin Olle Olsen has always stood on guard against any threat to the clan, using deadly and bizarre fighting methods that can repulse an outnumbering force ten to one. Olins wear armor to conceal their identity from the world.

New warriors of the clan can only hope to see the current Olin in action, to see their hero dance through enemy lines with a sword in each hand, a deadly spinning storm of swords, never stopping until every foe is routed.

They have heard the tales of how the Olin always has a master plan to confuse enemies until the perfect moment to strike. Goals Find the next Olin through a martial tournament. Protecting Vestenmennavenjar interests against violent threats from within and without is a matter of luck more than of skill. The current title-holder has planned an epic weekend of martial contests and traditional Vesten strategy board games to find someone worthy of the title. The last clan matriarch sold the legendary Stormbreaker Helm, worn by the first Olin ever, to the Atabean Trading Company in exchange for enough food to last a winter, which was a good deal all things considered.

The clan now needs the damn thing back for honor. Olsungs and trolls used to have a healthy relationship. The Olsungs brought offerings of food and liquor a couple times a month, and the trolls did not storm out of their highland lairs bringing frost and wind, smashing houses and eating people. Playing Olin Olle Olsen Mysterious, dedicated, eccentric. The Olin is alert and inquisitive, always checking the environment for exits, high ground and interesting ways to get the drop on foes.

The Olin places duty to family and friend above all else, making sure all loved ones are kept safe. Fortune conjures no peril that cannot be avoided with a quick wit and fleet step. He loves a challenge, and his foes seldom see him coming. The Deft Hero is a creature of passion. The Deft is fully cognizant of his natural ability to seize the initiative, embracing it as a lover.

He has supreme confidence in his alacrity and willingly pits himself against all comers, allowing his superior agility to see him through. A master of stealth, the Deft uses his superior speed and quick thinking to quietly infiltrate the deadliest Syrneth ruins, best guarded Crescent harems and most secure Vodacce vaults without detection. While the Deft are well represented by songs of their ready rapier, drawn pistol or blinding fists, they are equally suited to life as a messenger, explorer, spy or merchant.

Quick reflexes and fast thinking are just as valuable to an Eisen explorer crossing a monster-haunted ruin or a Castillian sailor climbing the rigging of a stormtossed galleon as they are to the Montaigne musketeer or Vodacce duelist. While quick thinking is often his shield, it can be a liability when faced with a foe employing long-term planning or an overpowering display of raw strength.

The Hero must also be careful to marshal his endurance when faced with a foe patient enough to outlast him before striking. Core Aspect: Flexibility Flexibility is the defining aspect of a Deft Hero, and this flexibility takes many forms. Always savvy and sharp, she finds it easy to translate quick thought into quicker action. When a defender is too strong, she adopts stealth.

When stealth is not an option, she strikes in the blink of an eye. While world renowned as people of action, not all Deft Heroes are necessarily impulsive. The wise Deft waits to unleash her superior speed at just the right moment. That strike must be executed at exactly the right moment, in exactly the right way. A View of Villainy Beast Living avatars of brutality. Speed is our greatest ally. Chameleon They move as quickly and as quietly as we do.

Strike quickly, for you will only get one chance at victory. Deranged Well deserving of our charity, but feared if left unchecked.

Move very quietly about them and be ready for anything. Juggernaut Never strike second and always press your advantage until they finally succumb. Continue to press them until you are absolutely sure of their defeat, for they never relent. Playing the Deft A Deft Hero is not one to sit idly by and let the world pass without note. He is a person of action and what better moment to act than now? Long-term planning has its place for others and is not entirely offensive to him, but only if that plan ends in rapid and decisive actions that win the day.

This Hero always seizes the initiative and never lets go until the moment of victory is at hand. The Deft does not think in terms of days, weeks or months, but in individual moments containing infinite possibilities. Like a coiled spring, he feels that moment and explodes into a flurry of action, whether a deluge of rapier thrusts or the soundless padding of feet on tile roofs. If fury or soundless steps fail to prevail, he simply changes strategy and falls back to fight another day. Wits can be a close second, but being a member of the Deft is all about speed and agility.

Backgrounds such as Assassin, Criminal and Spy all lend themselves to this type of Hero, but Deft duelists are not unheard of. Aim, Athletics and Theft are important Skills for the Deft. She is at the peak of physical condition and counts on doing things right the first time.

Skills such as Convince and Tempt are also good for the Deft to possess, just in case her quick reflexes fail. Mastermind Masters of long-term planning, they may predict your arrival, but seldom quickly. Trust your reflexes and their carefully laid schemes will come tumbling down. We sincerely did not mean to accidentally and quite coincidentally discover the entrance to a secret library, by awakening the sleeping ghosts guarding the entrance in your wine cellar.

It was really just a happy discovery. Earn a Hero Point when you turn an artifact of value over to a university, museum, or a publicly displayed site. Hubris: The Fool Curious. You receive a Hero Point when you investigate something unusual, especially if it looks dangerous. She spent most of her childhood sickly.

She had no idea where she was going that day, but Bietrix knew one thing�it was going to be an adventure. Traipsing through her house covered in dirt, nicks and bruises from her most recent explorations of the tunnels under Charouse, Bietrix was like a ghost in the de Veau household, leaving a trail of dirt and unearthed artifacts everywhere she went. When she asked him what he was doing, her father explained that his favorite riding jacket had been ruined.

Horrified, Bietrix admitted to her father what happened, but the man simply laughed at her. The jacket should have never been out in the first place. Bietrix has been using her wealth and adventures to help the people of Montaigne ever since.

Goals Solve and open the Syrneth puzzle box she found. The first and most precious treasure Bietrix ever found was a Syrneth puzzle box. It is one of the only treasures she keeps for herself and to this day she has not been able to open it. Bietrix dreams of being made member of this amazing society.

The only problem is she may have caused a few problems for the agents of the Society, totally by accident. These incidents have not gone a long way toward smoothing her way into the organization. Make amends for getting Leonore Favre trapped underground. The two became instant friends and Bietrix convinced Leonore to come on an expedition with her. Deep within the catacombs underneath Charouse, Bietrix accidentally caused a cave-in and Leonore was trapped. By the time Bietrix came back with help, Leonore was rescued by the city guard and in trouble with her employers.

Leonore has not spoken to Bietrix since. Playing Bietrix de Veau Bietrix is honest to a fault and tends to babble on, oblivious to the world or people around her. Bietrix spent much of her childhood in a bed and now spends most of her adulthood outside or in dusty old catacombs. Unlike many of her jaded peers, Bietrix is excited for adventure and lusts after mystery. In here, in the dark and the damp, the land itself is your enemy.

Virtue: The Glyph Temperate. Activate your Virtue to prevent any magical effect Sorcery, Artifacts, Monsters, etc. Hubris: The Hanged Man Indecisive. You receive a Hero Point when your Hero takes an Action to pause in hesitation, doubt, or uncertainty before he makes a move.

Story: History Eberhardt Fischer Five years ago, Eberhardt Fischer returned to his village from a business trip, just in time to watch the Living Wave drag it under the swamp. The condition is poorly understood and its symptoms are irregular between sufferers.

Eberhardt feels overwhelming dread and panic when close to large bodies of water. The panic pushes him to the point of distraction and despair, making it difficult for him to speak or act. Nevertheless, the Fischer business forces Eberhardt into contact with the swamp. He never looks in the boxes he transports and he never asks questions, though his clients sometimes volunteer the information.

Despite his battle fatigue, Eberhardt still travels the swamp with his distinctive cargoes�and a long list of calming and focusing rituals to keep him operational even when his fears overwhelm him. Sometimes they are not enough and for about an hour, he grows very quiet, his eyes focused blankly on the horizon. While he is aware of who, where and when he is, he finds it difficult to speak or move under these circumstances.

Fear has given him a sort of sixth sense about the dangers of the swamp. What began as hypersensitivity to noises or motion has, with practice, allowed him to identify monsters at great distance, poling his craft away before they can close.

Eberhardt realizes the life he lives, focusing his weaknesses into extraordinary abilities, might help others with similar ailments.

Now, he hires battle-fatigued soldiers, locked out of their profession, as guards for his boats. Eberhardt Fischer has inadvertently laid the groundwork for the return of many former heroes to heroism. He knows a few routes through the area, but much of his navigation is by feel. If he can survey the sector, the maps will let him expand his business and move goods to regions in need. But he needs someone to cover him and his surveyors while they work.

Defeat whoever controls the marsh ghouls. What science or sorcery could turn an undead horde into an army? Transport a Dracheneisen panzerhand to Kreuzritter agents in Freiburg. The swamp provides an excellent deterrent for the usual gang of enemies and bandits who would prey on Kreuzritter agents.

Dracheneisen is a different story. Eberhardt has spotted shady characters lurking around the warehouse where he is keeping the panzerhand. To manage his battle fatigue while he is on the job in the swamp, Eberhardt relies on rituals such as rhythmic breathing, repeated phrases he whispers to himself and conversation with others about relaxing subjects like his dog or the weather.

I will paint its vibrant colors with my brushes and defend it against the corruption of the Inquisition with the point of my rapier. Virtue: The Lovers Passionate. Activate your Virtue when another Hero takes Wounds to prevent her from suffering those Wounds. You take one Dramatic Wound instead. Student of Combat 3 points You learn the Slash and Parry Maneuvers, as well as one non-Style Maneuver of your choice, and can perform these as a Duelist does.

The Duelist Academy Advantage is considered a 3 point Advantage for you. The pale, slender woman was dressed in the tantalizing brightly colored garb of a Vodacce courtesan, a black mask hiding her features except her soft grey eyes and fiery red lips. They danced all night. With their help, Francisca had escaped Vodacce and the clutches of her in-laws-to-be after they blamed her for the unfortunate death of her betrothed.

Fearing that the courts may be too dangerous a place for them, the lovers left everything behind to start a new life in the Castillian countryside. The peasants of Castille are her people in a way that its nobles could never be, a people so dynamic that even their siestas are filled with a hustle and bustle of activity. She has lately come into contact with an organization called Los Vagabundos.

She is drawn to their cause, but she has not worn the mask�yet. Domingo used to speak reverently about a magical brush he owned.

Sadly it was stolen from him during the War of the Cross. Reveal the fiend reporting local Objectionists to the Church. And besides, such a malicious tattletale might also report on Francisca if the fiend knows she practices Sorte.

So far he has kept the hangman busy in every town he visits. Her high energy can be contagious, and if something interesting is happening, she can be found in the center of it. She greatly values her community and protects it any way she can.

When confronted with a threat, she tries to observe and gather information before taking up arms. Earn a Hero Point when you prove there is more to nobility than expensive clothes and attending court.

Earn a Hero Point when you break the law in the pursuit of a noble endeavor. Hubris: The Prophet Overzealous. You receive a Hero Point when your Hero strongly defends one of his opinions when the time or place is inappropriate.

He is also the only son of Marcus de Bello, who spent seven years in a childless marriage and numerous affairs, before his wife died.

Marcus officially adopted Kaius after the untimely death of Lady de Bello�after all, raising a bastard is better than having no heir at all.

Kaius, who was five at the time, never saw his mother again and was left with only memories of her soft lullabies and warm embrace. Marcus told him his mother was a courtesan and that she died.

Kaius suspects the latter is a lie and he still misses her. Though Kaius was supposed to make Marcus proud, he did the opposite: Kaius drinks, entertains many lovers and gambles. This disgrace caused Marcus to turn away from his son, leaving Kaius the freedom to work on causes of his own. The Masked Crusader is a popular figure in folk song, stories and a series of romance novels in which he saves a string of disenfranchised men and women. Kaius takes special pleasure in the latter and reads the raunchier bits out loud to those friends who know of his secret identity.

Kaius has a young son of his own, Amadeo, with a courtesan named Catarina. Catarina does the actual parenting, for which Kaius is far too irresponsible, while he provides coin for clothes, books and tutors. Catarina knows about the Masked Crusader, but has no desire to use this against Kaius even if he should stop supporting Amadeo. Kaius believes that a share in the decision process and profits makes workers more loyal and therefore more productive. He has even argued this with the Vestini Prince, who remains unconvinced, but his fourth son Calero is swayed by Kaius.

Kaius and Calero have appealed the Prince to let them run a trial with a small group of workers. Become the greatest Ambrogia master Vodacce has ever seen. Kaius takes pride in three things: his lovemaking, tolerance for liquor and sword skill.

Already a good swordsman, Kaius seeks to train with Veronica Ambrogia herself. Seek true love in a noble heart that accepts his son. Kaius is a hopeless romantic who wants to fall deeply and madly in love, settling down with that love of his life. Men and women are both considered for the part, but they must be a good parent to Amadeo.

Playing Kaius de Bello Kaius is rarely in public without a drink in his hand and a handsome consort on either arm. Although, his drinking problem is real, he likes to play it up so enemies underestimate him as a drunken fool; he is deliberately loud, boastful and borderline stupid. Kaius drops the oafish act around allies, speaking eloquently about the need to revolutionize Vodacce society and abolish inequality.

Spending most of his time around well-educated and independent-minded courtesans, Kaius has a blind spot for the gender inequality in Vodacce�he genuinely believes that bridging the class divide solves everything.

Is that your child I hear in the backroom? Eva thought she could avoid paying her dues by having only one child. Years passed, and Eva had her first child�only to have the babe die in infancy. Desperately wanting another child, and hoping the Sidhe had forgotten, Eva had the fated second born.

Mere days later, a Sidhe came under the cloak of rain and darkness. Lilly, a changeling left with a family who was not truly her own, grew up confused and angry. The lands of her birthright called to her when she slept, and her dreams were spent under the eternal twilight skies of the Sidhe. She ran away repeatedly, traveling with vagabonds and snake-oil salesmen before wandering back home.

One night, she came to a crossroads where an impossibly tall man was held in an iron cage. Lilly is terrified of herself. The Sidhe are stalwart protectors of Inismore, but they are also fiends and child-stealers. What if she is the latter? This fear drives her to cling to goodness, and Lilly never lies though she might omit information or steals. She has an exceptional singing voice and travels as a bard. Preferring to avoid fights and never having raised arms against another Inish, she instead relies on stealth and quickness to solve problems.

They send word to the Green Stag Inn when threatened, and Lilly always comes to their aid. Lilly has a special reputation for dealing with the Sidhe. Lilly is an expert at negotiating favorable bargains with the Seelie, while repelling the Unseelie. Goals Probe rumors of a Sidhe adviser to Hugh Monaghan. Lilly suspects a nefarious scheme between a Sidhe and Hugh Monaghan, a local brigand who is quickly rising in power. Open a gate to Bryn Bresail to learn about the Sidhe.

She had choice words for him then, but now considers it. She could learn more about the Sidhe and what exactly Bryn Bresail is�but only on her own terms. Discover the meaning of the crescent birthmark on her hand. Lilly long sensed something off about her birthmark. She loves sleeping under the stars, except when it rains�rain brings dreams of Bryn Bresail and these terrify Lilly. She loves water in all other forms and never passes an opportunity to swim. Lilly is polyamorous, but the barkeep Rhoswen, whose father owns the Green Stag Inn, is the only lover that gives her a sense of belonging.

Not that any of our soldiers are ready to desert, but if they were, burying the bodies of children might push them over the edge. Earn a Hero Point when you stick to the plan regardless of the danger to yourself. Activate your Virtue when another Hero takes Wounds to prevent them from suffering those Wounds. Story: History Milo de Villenc Milo was certain war was no place for someone like him.

His whole childhood, his family and his teachers lauded his thoughtful and compassionate nature. Only his father, a knight who retired with a knee injury, did not fully appreciate him. Where his father was strong and brash, Milo was sly and subtle. War, he thought, would toughen up his soft son.

Death almost came for him when he grabbed a Castillian grenade in his trench and threw it back just a second too late. He was still the best-loved man in his squad, physically unassuming, but extremely helpful to the soldiers around him. He developed a reputation as a harmless, stand-up guy who did not want to shoot Castillians, but supported his siblings-in-arms with all his heart and might.

He had never met anyone like her before. He met the genius tactician by chance one night, helping her cope with a headache. She was his opposite in every way, tough and idealistic. They married secretly, not revealing their liaison until hostilities died down. Milo assists with excavations while Celeste runs security. Their work continues to take them to far-off lands, but one day, Milo intends to return to the territory that brought them together. He has unfinished business. Goals Get the adopted orphan to safety.

Milo and Celeste found Pancho weeping on a battlefield in the aftermath of a major clash. Scarred by what he saw in the war, Pancho has made it clear returning to Castille would mean his death. Get his bloodthirsty former commander, Lord Bodin, discharged.

Jean-Charles Bodin was everything Milo feared a Montaigne officer would be. He was rapacious and bloodthirsty, killing people who had already surrendered and secretly selling captives into slavery with the Atabean Trading Company. Secure the Syrneth dig site in Tarago. But that same mine became a factory in the war.

He possesses an extraordinary character, but does not desire personal glory. Celeste says that is what makes him a hero. Milo has the kindness that makes genius possible.

Sing to lightning! Sing to thunder! Sing to wind and wave alike! This is not weather, but a prayer of the gods! Let us rejoice and join their chorus! Earn a Hero Point when you use your knowledge as a Seidr to help another Hero to solve a problem or thwart a Villain.

You receive a Hero Point when your brash, cocky, or reckless actions cause trouble for you and another Hero. Always fascinated by tales of the gods, Reider slipped out of the house on stormy nights to commune with the Allfather. Wind and wave, lightning and thunder fired his heart and forged his personality. One fateful evening while Reider was communing with a particularly violent storm, he was struck by lightning.

Staggering to his feet, Reider rejoiced and began his career as a prophet whose chief mode of worship was bardic verse. Inseparable from their earliest youth, they explored the fjords of Kinsvarik without a care in the world. Young boys became young men, and the call of their wyrd led them to join the Vendel merchant fleet. Hard working and harder drinking, Reider howled prayers from the rigging during storms, bargaining with the gods for safe passage.

He quickly became the good luck charm of many a merchantman and his faith was matched only by his heroism. Whether it was diving into the heart of a tempest to rescue a crewmate or fending off a dozen pirates single-handedly, Reider met every challenge with fearless mirth.

Hard words and harder blows between Reider and his friend saw Gunnar return to Kinsvarik to marry Ilse. Years passed and Reider met an enigmatic skald who was on his deathbed. Setting his sights on the nearest tavern, Reider resolved to right things with his people before he set off north.

Goals Embolden the coward, Harlad, through song. Harlad knows Reider is coming for him and is nothing if not fleet of foot. Uncover a lost song of the gods. Aslaug is a shieldmaiden from the time of legend who fell in love with a minor god.

The god taught her a song of longing so potent as to render all who hear it senseless. Taking pity on Aslaug, the gods froze her in a block of the purest ice. All who fail are doomed to join her court of frozen skalds.

Reider is seeking a stout ship and brave crew to claim his prize. Witness a miraculous storm of the gods first-hand. Reider seeks the greatest storm of them all, the storm of the Allfather. This ultimate communion with the gods is said to lie atop the roof of the world itself, setting the sky ablaze with ribbons of fire.

Though the site is purportedly guarded by giants made of frost, iron scaled serpents and warrior maidens clad in silvered mail, Reider will not be deterred. Playing Reider Ness Reider Ness scorns subtlety and silence with equal vigor. Always boisterous, outspoken and never one to suffer fools lightly, his arrival is like a lightning strike, his presence like thunder. Every voyage his first, every tankard his last, and every song for the Allfather. Reider Ness does not live small, quietly or for tomorrow.

Anyone can fell a clumsy foe with a bit of quick thinking. Earn a Hero Point when you use your crowd-pleasing skills for something more than making a few coins.

Virtue: The Wheel Fortunate. Activate your Virtue to delay an Opportunity or a Consequence by 1 Action. Science Fiction. File Type. Entire Prize Enterprises. Mooney Bin Entertainment. Pay What You Want. Follow Your Favorites! Sign in to get custom notifications of new products!

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About Us. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Bug Bounty Program. Rule System Format Other systems 7th Sea. File Type PDF. Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section Khitai Core Rulebook 7th Sea: Khitai is a standalone tabletop roleplaying game of action, drama, danger, suspense, and heroism in a world inspired by mythic, fantastical Asia.

What's Inside? A Stand-Alone 7th Sea Experience Bring the unique mechanics of epic adventure and heroism to a whole new setting with the Core Rulebook for a new line of 7th Sea products. Complete rules for creating Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long vanished and protecting the rightful kings and queens of Theah The black flag poses a constant danger for merchants and navies, as unscrupulous brigands seek their fortunes.

But there are more dangers afoot than pirates: beasts lurking under the waves, rumors of haunted and immortal The castle was once the proud home of the Baderbaasch scions, but their lands went into steep, terrible decline in the later years of the War of the Cross The Castle is a supernatural horror adventure set in war-torn Eisen.

The Castle is an adventure for adult audiences that The Theans arrived one hundred years ago and failed in their ambitions of conquest, but their words and desires changed everything. For the first time in thousands of years, the Aztlani people speak of a unified land. The three old nations vie for dominance of their splintered empire, and their ambitions consume all who walk these lands. This book contains When the rightful empress returned home to reclaim her throne, the empire rejoiced.

As the empire awakens to a new dawn, Anatoli merchants to Sarmion nobles work towards a new life, holding close the ideals which make the empire strong�family, honor and kindness. A timeless evil called Bonsam, has partnered with the Atabean Trading Company in an attempt to exploit the lands of Gold and Fire. Everything a player needs Tensions rise as disenfranchised, war-weary people grow restless under the unrelenting rule of the nobility.

Now, the people look towards revolution as the only respite. What is caged will never know freedom. As each nation struggles to find its footing in these treacherous new landscapes, unrest looms on the horizon. In the end, nearly eight million people died. But what many do not know is the secret reason behind the War� The Caliberi Letters is the first part in a series of adventures called The Grand Design, which reveals this secret truth to your Heroes.

And that works out fantastically if the ship is an adjunct to the larger game, but if the ship is going to be the center of play, then the table might want a little bit more depth to it.

Includes rules for ship creation and customization, tail chase, Questions about your world and the actions of all the NPCs that you would normally ask your GM are handled by a few simple tables and one or two dice rolls.

Rules are provided for simple and complex questions, scene objectives, NPC actions, and combat tactics. Alongside the printed For every knife-twisting assassin, there is an ever-diligent bodyguard.

For each great act of courage and hope, there is a dastardly deed performed in darkness. For every Hero there is a Villain. No more lies. Sometimes for good, and sometimes for evil.

Secret handshakes. Cryptic messages. Allegorical symbols. While trapped on an ATC prison island, the Heroes learn of a hidden temple full of treasure. Still, the treasure! Finding his map and log, they chart their way to the island Brutes: A Compendium The number, types, and traits of henchmen that the Villains of the world employ are as many and varied as the people of the world. Here in this compendium are an additional twenty types and traits for Brute Squads to vary the flavor and difficulty of your 7Th Sea games.

Seafarers with families use tall tales of the Kraken to frighten and entertain their children, and legends of encounters with the Kraken regale the patrons at dockside taverns on every shore. A Pirate Nations adventure that pits your Heroes against this fearsome legend of the high Everything a Game Master needs is included in the pages of this book.

The Children Cry Children are disappearing on the island nation of La Bucca, victims of a being they call the Bogeyman, the subject of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. They need Heroes to venture out into the night and battle the monster who preys on them, but is that monster really a slavering beast haunting the island's coasts A 7th Sea: Second Edition adventure Cut to the Chase: Dramatic Chase Sequences High-octane chase scenes are a staple of modern swashbuckling cinema.

So how do you bring that same excitement to your gaming table? Cut to the Chase presents an Action Sequence variant designed to inject your chase scenes with visceral, high stakes drama. From multiple-best-selling Explorers Society and Miskatonic Repository author Evan Perlman comes a wild new way to create exciting stories in 7th Sea! Attack on Eisen The horrors of Eisen are a well-known threat to those who must travel the perilous countryside, and they endanger the innocent and guilty alike.

When people think of these horrors, they typically think of supernatural perversions of nature�the undead, the cursed and the products of dark sorceries. But humanity is also just as capable of visiting horror on itself, and one terrifying example of this Op'a on Board Beyond being known for its dangerous waters, the Atabean Sea is a hub for trade and a source of exported goods: sugar, molasses, bananas, coffee, tobacco, rum, gold, information�and also guava.

The sweet and sour tropical fruit has now become a favorite among those who have tasted it as well as those who grow it.

But like anything sourced from the collection of islands, it comes with a price and Cards on the Table Have you ever had a tense action scene come to a screeching halt so you could repeat the Consequences facing the Heroes one more time?

Have you or your players had trouble remembering what Raise that Timed Consequence occurs on? Do you struggle to include Opportunities to your scene, or come up with creative Consequences that leave your Heroes twisting in the wind? No more! These cards are here Glamour's Chosen Avalon Forever!

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Experience it with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. Get the rulebook here. Free conversion guidelines. Play with the new version! All the classic adventures can be enjoyed with RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Curious about the difference? Check out our free conversion guide here. Use with 7th Sea Second Edition. Check out our full 7th Sea Second Edition product line. Designed for 5th Edition Pendragon. Check out our current Pendragon products.

Play with the newest version! All of the classic adventures can be played with 5th Edition Pendragon. Designed for HeroQuest Glorantha. Check out our current HeroQuest products. All of the classic adventures can be played with HeroQuest Glorantha. Download the conversion guide. Enjoy Greg Stafford's award-winning Prince Valiant. You save. Weight: 2. Shipping: Calculated at Checkout.

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Experience it with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu. Get the rulebook here. Free conversion guidelines. Play with the new version! All the classic adventures can be enjoyed with RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Curious about the difference? Check out our free conversion guide here.

Use with 7th Sea Second Edition. Check out our full 7th Sea Second Edition product line. Designed for 5th Edition Pendragon. Check out our current Pendragon products. Play with the newest version! All of the classic adventures can be played with 5th Edition Pendragon.

Designed for HeroQuest Glorantha. Check out our current HeroQuest products. All of the classic adventures can be played with HeroQuest Glorantha. Download the conversion guide. Enjoy Greg Stafford's award-winning Prince Valiant. You save. Current Stock:.

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Web7th Sea: Heroes & Villains [PDF] A great power summoning forth the brightest souls, and the darkest. These are the Heroes and Villains of Theah. For every knife-twisting . Web7th Sea: Heroes & Villains + complimentary PDF Chaosium ? Save ?3 This book comes with a free PDF version courtesy of the publisher and �Bits & Mortar�. If you check . WebThese are the Heroes and Villains of Theah. For every knife-twisting assassin, there is an ever-diligent bodyguard. For each great act of courage and hope, there is a dastardly .