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John macarthur study bible pdf download

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The Samaritans, recognizing only the Pentateuch, noted that the first place Abraham built an altar to God was at Shechem Ge ,7 , which was overlooked by Mt.

Gerizim, where the Israelites had shouted the blessings promised by God before they entered the Promised Land Dt , As a result, they chose Mt. Gerizim for the place of their temple. There was no reason to debate locations, since both places would be obsolete soon and neither would have any role to play in the lives of those who genuinely worship God. Jerusalem would even be destroyed with its temple A.

The Samaritans did not know God. They did not have the full revelation of Him, and thus could not worship in truth. Ro ; ,5. True worshipers are all those everywhere who worship God through the Son, from the heart cf. Php This verse represents the classical statement on the nature of God as Spirit. The phrase means that God is invisible Col ; 1Ti ; Heb as opposed to the physical or material nature of man ; Jesus is not speaking of a desirable element in worship but that which is absolutely necessary.

Jesus forthrightly declared Himself to be Messiah, though His habit was to avoid such declarations to His own Jewish people who had such crassly political and militaristic views regarding Messiah cf. This claim constitutes the main point of the story regarding the Samaritan woman. John gave 5 genuine, but subtle, proofs that Jesus was truly Messiah and Son of God which reinforced his main theme of 1 proof from His immediate control of everything v. Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white a for harvest.

Jesus had such an impact on the woman that she was eager to share the news among the townspeople whom she had previously avoided because of her reputation.

Her witness and candor regarding her own life so impressed them that they came to see Jesus for themselves. John commonly used such misunderstanding to advance the argument of his gospel e. When He talked with the Samaritan woman, Jesus was performing the will of the Father and thereby received greater sustenance and satisfaction than any mere physical food could offer Him ,24; ; The event probably happened in Dec.

Crops were planted in Nov. Their white clothing seen above the growing grain may have looked like white heads on the stalks, an indication of readiness for harvest. Jesus knew the hearts of all , so was able to state their readiness for salvation cf. And there was a royal official whose son was sick at c Capernaum. Roman time or 1 p. This phrase occurs also in 1Jn The verse constitutes the climax to the story of the woman of Samaria.

This episode represents the first instance of cross-cultural evangelism Ac One may divide this section into 3 parts: 1 Jesus contemplating unbelief vv. After two days in Samaria, Jesus traveled to Galilee, resuming the trip that began in v. This proverb also in Mt ; Mk contrasts the believing response of the Samaritans v. While in Samaria, Jesus had enjoyed His first unqualified and unopposed success.

The apostle may have meant these words as irony especially in light of the surrounding context of vv. The deep irony of the statement in v. Instead of responding in belief, the people wanted more see note on v. The basis of their welcome was extremely crass.

This term most likely designated someone officially attached to the service of King Herod Antipas, tetrarch of Galilee from 4 B. Capernaum was approximately 16 mi. The language here indicates that he repeatedly begged Jesus to heal his son. His approach to Jesus was out of desperation, but he had little appreciation of who Jesus was.

In light of v. Jesus addresses these words to the Galileans as a whole and not just to the royal official see notes on vv. The response of the Galileans was fundamentally flawed because it disregarded the person of Christ and centered in the need for a constant display of miraculous signs. Such an attitude represents the deepest state of unbelief. About p. Accordingly, the theme of this section is the rejection of Jesus as Messiah.

The passage may be divided into 3 parts: 1 the miracle performed vv. John repeatedly tied his narrative to various Jewish feasts, �Passover; �Passover; �Booths, or Tabernacles; �Hanukkah or Feast of Dedication; and � Passover , but this reference is the only instance when he did not identify the particular feast occurring at the time.

It was a small opening in the N wall of the city, just W of the NE corner. Some have suggested that John wrote his gospel before the destruction of Jerusalem in A. For more on the date of writing, see Introduction: Author and Date. It was a custom at that time for people with infirmities to gather at this pool. Intermittent springs may have fed the pool and caused the disturbance of the water v. Some ancient witnesses indicate that the waters of the pool were red with minerals, and thus thought to have medicinal value.

The earliest and best Gr. John included this figure to emphasize the gravity of the debilitating disease that afflicted the individual. Since his sickness had been witnessed by many people for almost 4 decades, when Jesus cured him everyone knew the genuineness of the healing cf.

Jesus picked the man out from among many sick people. The sovereign initiative was His, and no reason is given as to His choice. This phrase emphasizes the completeness of the cure cf. Thus, the man had broken oral tradition, not OT law see notes on v. Such hypocrisy especially enraged the Lord Jesus cf. Mt 22,23 , who used this incident to set up a confrontation with Jewish hyper-legalism and identified the need for national repentance.

Gal ,8. Although Scripture makes clear that not all disease is a consequence of sin cf. Jesus may specifically have chosen this man in order to highlight this point. The verb tense means that the Jews repeatedly persecuted Jesus, i.

This was not an isolated incident of their hatred toward Him because of His healings on the Sabbath cf. However, Jesus disregarded the oral law of the Jews that had developed, i. Most likely, Jesus deliberately practiced such healing on the Sabbath to provoke a confrontation with their religious hypocrisy that blinded them to the true worship of God see vv. As such, it is one of the greatest Christological discourses in Scripture. Furthermore, God does not need a day of rest for He never wearies Is Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath Mt !

Jesus essentially tied His activities of healing on the Sabbath directly to the Father. The Son never took independent action that set Him against the Father because the Son only did those things that were coincident with and co-extensive with all that the Father does.

Jesus thus implied that the only One who could do what the Father does must be as great as the Father. This refers to the powerful work of raising the dead. God has that power cf. This verse gives the reason that God entrusted all judgment to the Son v. This verse goes far be- life, even so b the Son also gives life to whom He wishes. Jesus turned the tables on the Jewish accusation against Him of blasphemy.

Instead, Jesus affirmed that the only way anyone can honor the Father is through receiving the Son. Therefore, the Jews were the ones who actually blasphemed the Father by rejection of His Son. This develops the truth of v.

The people who receive that life are here identified as those who hear the Word and believe in the Father and the Son. They are the people who have eternal life and never will be condemned Ro ; Col Jesus related that all men, saved and unsaved, will be literally and physically resurrected from the dead.

The unsaved will be resurrected unto judgment and eternal punishment through separation from God i. Rev ,14; These verses also constitute proof of the deity of Jesus Christ since the Son has resurrection power vv. In the light of other Scripture, it is clear that Jesus speaks generally about resurrection, but not about one, general resurrection see notes on Da ; 1Co ; 1Th The Son from all eternity had the right to grant life In becoming a man, Jesus voluntarily set aside the independent exercise of His divine attributes and prerogatives Php Jesus was not teaching justification by works see Witness of the Works of Christ 36 But the testimony which I have is greater than the testimony of John; for a the works which the Father has given Me b to accomplish�the very works that I do�testify about Me, that the Father c has sent Me.

In summarizing all He has said from v. Jesus Himself emphasized the familiar theme of witnesses who testify to the identity of the Son: 1 John the Baptist vv. The miracles of Jesus were witness to His deity and messiahship. Such miracles are the major signs recorded by John in this gospel, so as to fulfill His purpose in ,31 see Introduction: Historical and Theological Themes. Christ is the main theme of Scripture.

See note on They searched for eternal life, but were not willing to trust its only source cf. JOHN voice at any time nor seen His form. Witness of the Scriptures 39 1 a You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is b these that testify about Me; 40 and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life.

If Jesus agreed to be the kind of Messiah the Jews wanted, providing miracles and food along with political and military power, He would receive honor and glory from them. But He sought only to please God vv. The Jewish historian, Josephus, records that a string of messianic pretenders arose in the years before A. This verse contrasts the Jewish rejection of their true Messiah because they did not love or know God v. Jesus does not mention any specific passage in the 5 books of Moses although there are many e.

It is the only miracle recorded in all 4 gospels Mt ; Mk ; Lk Interestingly, both creative miracles of Jesus, the water into wine and the multiplying of bread vv. A large gap of time may exist between chaps. If the feast in is Booths, or Tabernacles, then at least 6 months passed Oct. If the feast of is Passover, then a year passed between these chapters. Chapter 6 is very close to the same structure as chap. So the men 1 sat down, in number about b five thousand.

While chap. The result of both chapters is the same: He is rejected not only in the southern but also in the northern regions. The crowds followed not out of belief but out of curiosity concerning the miracles that He performed v. The crowd, however, was so large that such a significant amount was still inadequate to feed them. The number of men was 5,, not including women and children, who probably brought the total up to 20, Sadly, these comments, coming right after Jesus healed and fed them, indicate that the people desired a Messiah who met their physical, rather than spiritual, needs.

Apparently, no recognition existed for the need of spiritual repentance and preparation for the kingdom Mt They wanted an earthly, political Messiah to meet all their needs and to deliver them from Roman oppression.

Mt ; , but of whom they can make their selfish personal requests. John supplemented the information in Matthew and Mark by indicating that the reason Jesus dismissed the disciples and withdrew from the crowd into a mountain alone was because of His supernatural knowledge of their intention to make Him king in light of His healing and feeding of them.

The crowd, who had eaten. It had already become dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them. Matthew and Mark indicate that as soon as Jesus had fed the multitudes, He immediately dismissed His disciples to travel W toward Capernaum vv.

The Sea of Galilee is almost ft. Cooler air from the northern mountains and southeastern tablelands rushes down into the lake and displaces the warm moist air, causing violent churning of the water. The synoptics reveal that in fear and the darkness, they thought He was a ghost Mt ; Mk The Son of God, who made the world, was in control of its forces and, in this case, He suspended the law of gravity.

This wording indicates that another miracle occurred besides walking on the water, i. The key theme is v. This discourse took place in the synagogue at Capernaum v. Other boats loaded with people from Tiberias on the NW shore of the lake also heard of the miracles and sought Him out. Jesus rebuked the crowd for purely materialistic notions of the messianic kingdom cf. The continuing discourse indicates that this was a reference to Jesus Himself v. They thought Jesus was saying that God required them to do some works to earn everlasting life, which they thought they would be able to do.

Mal The question demonstrated the obtuseness, the spiritual blindness of the crowd, and their shallow, selfish curiosity. The feeding of 20, v.

What work do You perform? They were demanding that Jesus outdo Moses if they were to believe in Him. They quoted from Ps The obtuseness in v. This verse emphasizes the sovereign will of God in the selection of those who come to Him for salvation cf.

The Father has predestined those who would be saved see notes on Ro ,30; Eph ; 1Pe No one chosen will be lost see notes on Ro This verse emphasizes human responsibility in salvation.

Although God is sovereign, He works through faith, so that a person must believe in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God who alone offers the only way of salvation cf. However, even faith is a gift of God Ro ; Eph ,9. Intellectually harmonizing the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man is impossible humanly, but perfectly resolved in the infinite mind of God. It is used ironically to indicate the incongruity of their rising hostility toward their Messiah.

Since they hardened their hearts, God judicially hardened their hearts also cf. In the tribulation, Israel will turn to Jesus as their true Messiah and be saved Ro ; Rev ; ; cf. Zec Me unless the Father who sent Me a draws him; and I will b raise him up on the last day.

On the human level, they knew Jesus as a fellow Galilean. The combination of v. The drawing here is selective and efficacious producing the desired effect upon those whom God has sovereignly chosen for salvation, i. Those taught by God to grasp the truth are also drawn by God the Father to embrace the Son. The proof of this contrast centers in the irrefutable fact that all the fathers died who ate the wilderness manna.

Jesus refers here prophetically to His impending sacrifice upon the cross cf. Jesus voluntarily laid down His life for evil, sinful mankind ; 1Jn You have b words of eternal life. Every time Jesus had given them a veiled saying or physical illustration, the Jews failed to see its spiritual significance e. The Mosaic law prohibited the drinking of blood or the eating of meat with blood still in it Lv ; Dt ; Ac The Jews, unable to go beyond the mere physical perspective, were perplexed and angered.

For the Jews, however, a crucified Messiah was unthinkable cf. After this sermon, only a small nucleus of disciples remained v. He supernaturally knew that many did not believe in Him as Messiah and Son of God so He did not entrust Himself to them. These false disciples were simply attracted to the physical phenomena e. See notes on vv. Although men and women are commanded to believe and will be held accountable for unbelief, genuine faith is never exclusively a matter of human decision.

The language indicates that the abandonment was decisive and final cf. The supreme adversary of God so operates behind failing human beings that his malice becomes theirs cf. Jesus supernaturally knew the source and identified it precisely. This clearly fixes the character of Judas, not as a well intentioned but misguided man trying to force Jesus to exert His power and set up His kingdom as some suggest , but as a tool of Satan doing unmitigated wickedness see notes on The word most likely is from a Heb.

As with the other 3 gospels, as soon as he was named, he became identified as the betrayer. If You do these things, show Yourself to the world.

The culmination of this hatred occurs in where the Jewish authorities plot to kill the Son of God, culminating ultimately in His crucifixion. Especially noteworthy is the fact that two major themes associated with Tabernacles, i.

At the next Passover following this celebration of Tabernacles, Jesus was crucified. The central truth that dominates this whole passage is that Jesus was on a divine timetable. A 6 month gap most likely took place between chaps. Chapter 6 indicates Jesus spent two days with the multitude of 20, people , but He spent 7 months teaching His 12 disciples who believed in Him. This phrase subtly highlights the great importance of discipleship, for Jesus concentrated great lengths of time upon training His future spiritual leaders.

The Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles, was associated in the OT with the ingathering of the harvest of grapes and olives Ex ; Lv ,; Dt , while grain was reaped between Apr.

The feast occurred for 7 days from the 15th to the 21st of Tishri Sep. According to Josephus, this feast was the most popular of the 3 principal Jewish feasts Passover, Pentecost, and Booths, or Tabernacles. Lv while town dwellers put up similar structures on their flat roofs or in their courtyards.

Mt ,18,23; Lk Christ Secretly Goes to the Feast 10 But when His a brothers had gone up to the feast, then He Himself also went up, not publicly, but as if, in secret. Although the text does not clearly state their motivation, perhaps they made the request for two reasons: 1 they wanted to see the miracles for themselves to determine their genuineness, and 2 they may have had similar crass political motives as did the people, namely that He would become their social and political Messiah.

They did not become His followers until after the resurrection Ac ; 1Co Furthermore, Jesus never committed Himself to being motivated by unbelief, even that of His own half-brothers.

As a result, any time would do for them, preferably that moment. The evil world system and all who reject the Word and Son of God lie in the control of the evil one himself 1Jn I testify of it, that its deeds are evil.

This reveals the second reason why Jesus would not go to the feast in Jerusalem. Gal The assumption is that the Father had directed Jesus to permit Him to go to Jerusalem. The secrecy of His journey indicates His maximum discretion which was the complete opposite of what His brothers had demanded of Him cf. The search for Jesus was certainly hostile in intent. The Jewish Talmud reveals that the latter view of deception became the predominant opinion of many Jews Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 43a.

Instead, Jesus relentlessly set forth His claims regarding His identity and mission. In the midst of the Feast of Tabernacles, when Jews from all over Israel had migrated into Jerusalem, Jesus once again began to teach. Jesus taught according to the custom of the teachers or rabbis of His day. Prominent rabbis would enter the temple environs and expound on the OT to crowds who sat around them.

The people were amazed that someone who had never studied at any great rabbinical centers or under any great rabbis could display such profound mastery of Scripture. It originated from God the Father Himself, in contrast to rabbis who received it from man Gal Mt ,29; Ac Those who are fundamentally committed to doing the will of God will be guided by Him in the affirmation of His truth. Why do you b seek to kill Me? Who seeks to kill You? If Jesus were another religious fake, the world never would have reacted in such hatred.

Since the evil world system loves its own, its hatred toward Him demonstrates that He came from God , The context makes clear vv. The patriarchal period during the time of Abraham when God instituted the sign of circumcision Ge , which was later included as part of the Mosaic covenant at Sinai Ex ; , This observation not only depreciated the Jewish esteem for Moses, but even more importantly showed that this rite was antecedent to the Mosaic law and took precedence over it Gal Furthermore, circumcision antedates the Sabbath law also.

The law required that circumcision occur on the eighth day Lv If a child was born on the Sabbath, then the eighth day would fall again on the subsequent Sabbath, when the Jews would circumcise the child. Their hypocrisy is evident. I made an entire man well. Jesus used an argument of the lesser to the greater. If ceremonial cleansing of one part of the body is permitted on the Sabbath through the act of circumcision the less , how much more so should the actual healing of the entire body be permitted on the Sabbath the greater.

While Jesus forbade harsh, censorious judgment that self-righteous legalism promotes Mt , He demanded the exercise of moral and theological discernment. He focused on His divine origin and citizenship. While some believed in Him at this time v. Jesus confronted the people with 3 dilemmas recorded in these verses: 1 the problem of dense confusion vv.

These 3 problems left Jerusalem in a state of utter despair. What surprised the masses was that in spite of the ominous threat from the religious authorities vv. The rulers do not really know.

The question indicates the crowds and the rulers were in great confusion and uncertainty as to who Jesus was and what to do about Him. Such dense confusion caused the crowd to wonder if the religious authorities in private concluded that He was indeed the Christ. Mass confusion among all groups reigned regarding Jesus. See notes on , Beyond that, a tradition had developed in Jewish circles that Messiah would appear suddenly to the people, based on a misinterpretation of Is and Mal In contrast, Jesus had lived His life in Nazareth and was known at least superficially to the people v.

Jesus gave the greatest publicity to this important teaching by voicing it loudly cf. You both know Me and know where I am from. Although they thought that they were acutely perceptive and spiritually oriented, their rejection of Jesus revealed their spiritual bankruptcy Ro This reveals the reason why they could not seize Him, i. He is not intending to go to c the Dispersion among d the Greeks, and teach the Greeks, is He? Divided conviction existed among the people regarding Jesus.

While some wanted to seize Him, a small remnant of genuine believers existed among the crowds. The question here anticipates a negative answer, i. The Pharisees and chief priests historically did not have harmonious relationships with each other.

Most of the chief priests were Sadducees, who were political and religious opponents to the Pharisees. John repeatedly links these two groups in his gospel see also v. Both were alarmed at the faith of those indicated in v.

Temple guards who functioned as a kind of police force composed of Levites who were in charge of maintaining order in the temple environs. They could also be used by the Sanhedrin in areas outside the temple environs in religious disputes that did not affect Roman policy. Jesus referred here to His return to His heavenly origin with His Father after His crucifixion and resurrection see The words were spoken to mock Jesus.

John may have been citing this phrase with ironic force since the gospel eventually went to the Gentiles because of Jewish blindness and rejection of their Messiah. See notes on Ro These reactions have become universal patterns for reactions to Him through the ages. This section may be divided into the claim of Christ vv. The reactions may be subdivided into 5 sections: 1 the reaction of the convinced vv.

This suggests that this occasion occurred on a different day than the controversy in vv. If anyone is thirsty. The water was offered in sacrifice to God at the time of the morning sacrifice. The use of the water symbolized the blessing of adequate rainfall for crops.

Jesus used this event as an object lesson and opportunity to make a very public invitation on the last day of the feast for His people to accept Him as the living water. His words recall Is These 3 words summarize the gospel invitation.

A recognition of need leads to an approach to the source of provision, followed by receiving what is needed. The thirsty, needy soul feels the craving to come to the Savior and drink, i. The water-pouring rite was also associated within Jewish tradition as a foreshadowing of the eschatological rivers of living water foreseen in Eze and Zec The impartation of the Holy Spirit is the source of spiritual and eternal life. They did not even bother to investigate His true birthplace, showing their lack of interest in messianic credentials.

See Mt ; Lk The officers failed in their attempt to arrest Jesus when they were confronted with His person and powerful teaching. For their identity, see notes on v. In essence, they accused them of being seduced by a deceiver i. Search, and see that no prophet arises out of Galilee. The people were considered damned because they did not belong to the elite group or follow their beliefs regarding the law. Most likely he referred to rabbinical traditions contained in their oral law.

The real ignorance lay with the arrogant Pharisees who did not carefully search out the facts as to where Jesus was actually born. While they accused the crowds of ignorance, they too were really as ignorant v. Furthermore, the prophet Jonah did come from Galilee. It has been incorporated into various manuscripts at different places in the gospel e. External manuscript evidence representing a great variety of textual traditions is decidedly against its inclusion, for the earliest and best manuscripts exclude it.

Many manuscripts mark the passage to indicate doubt as to its inclusion. Significant early versions exclude it. No Gr. The vocabulary and style of the section also are different from the rest of the gospel, and the section interrupts the sequence of v. Many, however, do think that it has all the earmarks of historical veracity, perhaps being a piece of oral tradition that circulated in parts of the western church, so that a few comments are in order.

In spite of all these considerations of the likely unreliability of this section, it is possible to be wrong on the issue, and thus it is good to consider the meaning of this passage and leave it in the text, just as with Mk But Jesus stooped down and with His finger wrote on the ground.

Did no one condemn you? From now on b sin no more. If He held to Mosaic law, His reputation for compassion and forgiveness would have been questioned.

This directly refers to Dt ; , where the witnesses of a crime are to start the execution. Only those who were not guilty of the same sin could participate.

This seems to have been a delaying device, giving them time to think. While Jesus first used the water-drawing rite as a metaphor to portray the ultimate spiritual truth of Himself as Messiah who fulfills all that the feast anticipated, He then turned to another rite that traditionally occurred at the feast: the lighting ceremony.

The levitical orchestras also played. Rev ,24 as well as for the whole earth Is ; Zechariah b-8 has an emphasis on God as the light of the world who gives living waters to His people. This latter passage probably formed the liturgical readings for the Feast of Tabernacles. Mt ; , A veiled reference exists here to the Jews, following the pillar of cloud and fire that led them during the Exodus Ex Jesus was not alone in His witness that pointed to Him as Messiah, for many had already testified concerning this truth see note on See notes on The Jews, as was their habit e.

These verses reveal 4 ways that ensure people will die in their sins and, as a result, experience spiritual death: 1 being selfrighteous vv. The Jews who rejected Jesus displayed all 4 of these characteristics. I go away. By means of His impending death, resurrection, and ascension to the Father. The Jews spoke either in confusion see notes on ,35 or, perhaps more likely, in mockery of Christ. Jewish tradition condemned suicide as a particularly heinous sin that resulted in permanent banishment to the worst part of Hades Josephus, Jewish Wars iii.

The contrast here is between the realm of God and that of the fallen, sinful world i. The world in this context is the invisible spiritual system of evil dominated by Satan and all that it offers in opposition to God, His Word, and His people see notes on ; 1Jn By this domination, they were spiritually blinded see 2Co ; Eph Jesus emphasized that the fatal, unforgivable, and eternal sin is failure to believe in Him as Messiah and Son of God. In truth, all other sins can be forgiven if this one is repented of.

See notes on ,9. I am He. The Jews were willfully ignorant because chaps. Having refused to accept Him by faith and having nailed Him to the cross, they would one day awaken to the terrifying realization that this One whom they despised was the One whom they should have worshiped cf.

Php ; Rev Many Jews believed on Christ after His death and ascension, realizing that the One whom they rejected was truly the Messiah Ac ,37, John emphasized these realities by stressing truth and freedom. The focus in the passage is upon those who were exercising the beginnings of faith in Jesus as Messiah and Son of God. Jesus desired them to move on in their faith. Saving faith is not fickle but firm and settled.

Such maturity expresses itself in full commitment to the truth in Jesus Christ resulting in genuine freedom. The passage has 3 features: 1 the progress of freedom vv. The first step in the progress toward true discipleship is belief in Jesus Christ as Messiah and Son of God. If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine. This reveals the second step in the progress toward true discipleship. Perseverance in obedience to Scripture cf.

Mt ,20 is the fruit or evidence of genuine faith see Eph The one who continues in His teaching has both the Father and the Son 2Jn 9; cf. Heb ; Rev Real disciples are both learners the basic meaning of the word and faithful followers. A genuinely saved and obedient follower of the Lord Jesus will know divine truth and both freedom from sin v.

This divine truth comes not merely by intellectual assent 1Co but saving commitment to Christ cf. Tit ,2. Because the Jews had often been in political subjection to many nations Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Syria, and Rome , they must have been referring to their inward sense of freedom. The kind of slavery that Jesus had in mind was not physical slavery but slavery to sin cf.

Ro , It is because you cannot b hear My word. The ultimate bondage is not political or economic enslavement but spiritual bondage to sin and rebellion against God.

Thus, this also explains why Jesus would not let Himself be reduced to merely a political Messiah , While the Jews thought of themselves only as free sons of Abraham, in reality, they were slaves of sin. The genuine son in the context is Christ Himself, who sets the slaves free from sin. Those whom Jesus Christ liberates from the tyranny of sin and the bondage of legalism are really free Ro ; Gal The construction of this phrase indicates that Jesus was denying that mere physical lineage was sufficient for salvation see Php Their conduct toward Jesus demonstrated that their real father was Satan vv.

The construction here as in v. Jesus stressed that the explicit criterion ver- ther. Whenever he speaks 1 a lie, he f speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of 2 lies. If a I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? Sonship is predicated on conduct. Eph ,2. Since the Jews exhibited the patterns of Satan in their hostility toward Jesus and their failure to believe in Him as Messiah, their paternity was the exact opposite of their claims, i. He was a murderer from the beginning.

Only a perfectly holy One who has the closest and most intimate communion with the Father could speak such words. The Jews could martial no convincing evidence that could convict Him of sin in the heavenly court. Physical death cannot extinguish such life see ; ,47; , The prophets died too; whom do You make Yourself out to be?

Here Jesus declared Himself to be Yahweh, i. Basic to the expression are such passages as Ex ; Dt ; Is ; where God declared Himself to be the eternally pre-existent God who revealed Himself in the OT to the Jews. See also notes on vv. Jesus repeatedly escaped arrest and death because His hour had not yet come see notes on , The verse most likely indicates escape by miraculous means.

Four features highlight this healing: 1 the problem that precipitated the healing v. While sin may be a cause of suffering, as clearly indicated in Scripture see ; Nu 12; 1Co ; Jas , it is not always the case necessarily see Job; 2Co ; Gal The disciples assumed, like most Jews of their day, that sin was the primary, if not exclusive, cause of all suffering.

In this instance, however, Jesus made it clear that personal sin was not the reason for the blindness see v. Jesus meant as long as He was still on earth with His disciples.

So he went away and b washed, and c came back seeing. See notes on ,5; 1Jn The darkness has special reference to the period when Jesus was taken from His disciples during His crucifixion v. See note on ; cf. Not only was Jesus spiritually the light of the world, but He would also provide the means of physical light for this blind man.

As He had done when He originally made human beings out of the dust of the ground Ge , Jesus may have used the clay to fashion a new pair of eyes. Water for the water-pouring rites at the Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles was drawn from this pool see notes on The drastic change in the healed man caused many to faithlessly believe that he was not the person born blind. The blind man was the first known person thrown out of the synagogue because he chose to follow Christ see Then how does he now see?

Ask him; he is of age, he will speak for himself. The people also wanted advice from their local synagogue and religious leaders. The reasoning may have been that since Jesus violated their interpretation of the Sabbath law, He could not be the promised Prophet of God Dt Earlier the crowds were divided in opinion regarding Jesus ; here the authorities also became divided. While the blind man saw clearly that Jesus was more than a mere man, the sighted but obstinate Pharisees were spiritually blind to that truth see v.

Blindness in the Bible is a metaphor for spiritual darkness, i. The authorities considered the witness of the healed man worthless. This means that the authorities wanted the man to own up and admit the truth that Jesus was a sinner because He violated their traditions and threatened their influence cf. Jos Enough unanimity existed among the religious authorities to conclude that Jesus was a sinner cf.

Because of this already predetermined opinion, they refused to accept any of the testimony that a miracle had actually taken place. How did He open your eyes? You do not want to become His disciples too, do you?

At this point, the meeting degenerated into a shouting match of insults. As far as the authorities were concerned, the conflict between Jesus and Moses was irreconcilable. His penetrating wit focused in on their intractable unbelief. His logic was that such an extraordinary miracle could only indicate that Jesus was from God, for the Jews believed that God responds in proportion to the righteousness of the one praying see Job ; ; Pss ; ; Pr ; Is ; cf.

The greatness of the miracle could only indicate that Jesus was actually from God. The Pharisees were incensed with the man, and their anger prevented them from seeing the penetrating insight that the uneducated, healed man had demonstrated. The phrase also revealed their ignorance of Scripture, for the OT indicated that the coming messianic age would be evidenced by restoration of sight to the blind Is ; ; ; cf.

Mt ,5; Lk , Jesus invited the man to put his trust in Him as the One who revealed God to man. Jesus placed great emphasis on public acknowledgment of who He was and confession of faith in Him Mt ; Lk Since the blind man had never seen Jesus v.

Not that His purpose was to condemn, but rather to save ; Lk ; saving some, nevertheless, involves condemning others see notes on The last part of this verse is taken from Is ; cf. Those people who know they are in spiritual darkness. Refers in an ironic way to those who think they are in the light, but are not cf. Mk ; Lk Apparently Jesus found v. Jesus had particular reference to the sin of unbelief and rejection of Him as Messiah and Son of God.

If they knew their lostness and darkness and cried out for spiritual light, they would no longer be guilty of the sin of unbelief in Christ. But satisfied that their darkness was light, and continuing in rejection of Christ, their sin remained. See note on Mt , The problem of chap. In chap. Is ; Jer ; ; Eze ; Zec Jesus spoke in vv. The sheep were kept in a pen, which had a gate through which the sheep entered and left.

The shepherd entered through that gate. He whose interest was stealing or wounding the sheep would choose another way to attempt entrance. The gospels themselves contain ex- JOHN the sheep. The doorkeeper was a hired undershepherd who recognized the true shepherd of the flock, opened the gate for Him, assisted the shepherd in caring for the flock, and especially guarded them at night. Near Eastern shepherds stand at different locations outside the sheep pen, sounding out their own unique calls which their sheep recognize.

As a result, the sheep gather around the shepherd. This shepherd goes even further by calling each sheep by its own special name. The assumption is that they are already in some way His sheep even before He calls them by name see vv. NT spiritual leadership is always by example, i. This phrase conveys the idea that something cryptic or enigmatic is intended in it. It occurs again in ,29 but not in the synoptics. Having given the illustration vv. Here, He changes the metaphor slightly.

While in vv. As some Near Eastern shepherds slept in the gateway to guard the sheep, Jesus here pictures Himself as the gate. Only Jesus Christ is the one true source for the knowledge of God and the one basis for spiritual security.

I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. Why do you listen to Him? The hired hand likely represents religious leaders who perform their duty in good times but who never display sacrificial care for the sheep in times of danger. They stand in contrast to Jesus, who laid down His life for His flock see This refers to Gentiles who will respond to His voice and become a part of the church cf.

Eph Jesus repeated this phrase twice in these two verses indicating that His sacrificial death was not the end. His resurrection followed in demonstration of His messiahship and deity Ro His death and resurrection resulted in His ultimate glorification ; and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ; cf.

While some charged Him with demon possession see ; ; cf. The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which celebrates the Israelite victory over the Syrian leader Antiochus Epiphanes, who persecuted Israel. In ca. Under the lead- sayings of one a demon-possessed. If You are 2 the Christ, tell us b plainly. It was in B. In light of the context of vv. Neither thieves and robbers vv. No stronger passage in the OT or NT exists for the absolute, eternal security of every true Christian.

The sentence, stressing the united purpose and action of both in the security and safety of the flock, presupposes unity of nature and essence see ; Although the OT permitted stoning in certain instances e. Nevertheless, out-of-control Jews attempted a mob action in lieu of legal proceedings see Ac There was no doubt in the minds of those Jews that Jesus was claiming to be God cf. An affirmation of the absolute accuracy and authority of Scripture see notes on Mt Jesus did not expect to be believed merely on His own assertions.

Since He did the same things that the Father does see notes on , His enemies should consider this in their evaluation of Him. The implication is, however, that they were so ignorant of God that they could not recognize the works of the Father or the One whom the Father sent see also , Because of the increasing hostility see v. The statement is ironic, since the area where John first began became the last area in which Jesus stayed before He left for Jerusalem and crucifixion.

At that point, He began to move into seclusion and minister to His own disciples and those who loved Him as He prepared to face death. Israel had her day of opportunity; the sun was setting and the night was coming. These two chapters form the transition to chaps. The little time that He had in the area beyond the Jordan came to an end.

John picked up the story after He moved back into the area of Jerusalem, and His death on the cross was only a few days away. All the rejection and hatred could not dim His glory as displayed through the resurrection of Lazarus. That miracle evidences His glory in 3 ways: 1 it pointed to His deity; 2 it strengthened the faith of the disciples; and 3 it led directly to the cross The chapter can be divided as follows: 1 the preparation for the miracle vv.

The resurrection of Lazarus is the climactic and most dramatic sign in this gospel and the capstone of His public ministry.

Lazarus was raised after 4 days of being in the grave with the process of decomposition already having started v. It lies on the E side of the Mt. This is the first mention of this family in John. Since Jesus was in the Transjordan and Lazarus was near Jerusalem, the message to Jesus would most likely have taken one whole day to reach Him. He may have died before the messenger reached Jesus, since he was dead 4 days v.

This phrase is a touching hint at the close friendship that Jesus had with Lazarus. If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world. Most likely by the time the messenger arrived to inform Jesus, Lazarus was already dead. The delay was because He loved the family v.

The delay also ensured that Lazarus had been dead long enough that no one could misinterpret the miracle as a fraud or mere resuscitation. When darkness came, they stopped. The proverbial saying, however, had a deeper meaning. A euphemistic term used in the NT to refer to death, particularly with reference to believers who will be physically raised to eternal life cf.

His fears were not unrealistic in the face of bitter hostility toward Jesus, had already been in the tomb a four days. Do you believe this?

In first-century Israel such a grave was common. Either a cave or rock area would be hewn out, the floor inside leveled and graded to make a shallow descent. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Better World Books. Uploaded by station Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

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Download in app store The reasoning have been that since Jesus violated their interpretation of the Sabbath law, He could not be the promised Prophet of God Dt These two chapters form the transition to chaps. It refers not only in a broad sense to physical and temporal life that the Son imparted to the created world through His involvement as the agent of creation v. The reason for the miracle was to authenticate His claims to be the Messiah and Son of God. This term denotes the mutual intimacy, love and knowledge existing in the Godhead see ; LkSuch silence argues strongly that John the apostle authored the gospel and that his readers knew full well that he macartthur the gospel that bears his name.
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Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Better World Books. Uploaded by station Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest.

Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. MacArthur and informed by the research of scholars at the Master's Seminary.

Our app makes use of iOS Text-to-Speech. The app can read the Bible to you in the background so you can do more. John MacArthur - Complete introductions to each Bible book - Bible reading plans - Overview of Theology - Index to Key Bible Doctrines - Fast and easy to use - Flip back and forth from your Bible to note-taking during lessons with one touch and not miss a thing - No internet connection needed for downloaded Bibles, Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals - Use either Study mode or Parallel mode.

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When done with the sideline, you can do a back arrow back to your original passage. In short, the navigation is well thought out. Plus you can use it while not connected to the internet. Well done. Thank you for this program! I appreciate how everything works so well. Which is why I purchased your this program. This program is a joy to use. Thank you for this excellent bible program. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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