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Google stack app

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As could be expected from a Google app, the search works very well; most of my searches were successful in finding text within the PDF documents.

If you go to the Settings page which is accessible from your personal icon , you can have the app automatically import any photos of documents that you take with your device. You can also automatically save all your PDFs to your Google Drive which is an excellent idea since Stack is experimental and could very easily end up in the Google Graveyard. How much that protects your documents from Google itself is, as always, up for question.

You are also asked to allow the app to access photos and media on your device and to take pictures and record video while using the app, only this time, or deny. Skip to main content. The Verge The Verge logo. The Verge homepage. Menu Expand. Share this story. Image: Google. Bring in the Stacks. You organize your documents into stacks. You can select different stacks or create your own. There are basic edit features for the PDF. You can search for content from within the PDF.

Privacy and security. Most Popular. From our sponsor. Very Buggy. Difficult to connect and keep connected. Not sure if it's the fault of this app or my Atomtack X20 Pro. I feel like it's probably the app because the app would not shut down on my Samsung Note 20 phone, even reappeared after restart, had to uninstall it. For the few minutes I was actually to connect and use on the machine it was definitely better than the touch screen the machine has. Has potential, but had to uninstall it.

Not connecting on android, works with iPhone. Connects to WiFi hot-spot, tries to connect to printer but after a minute stops trying with no prompt. Unusable as of now. A professional laser engraver release garbage product like a 1 yo learning to walk.

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WebApr 8, �� According to Google�s description of the app, �Stack uses Google�s advanced security and sign-in technology to protect your documents.� You can also .