final fantasy xiv online complete edition pc download
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Final fantasy xiv online complete edition pc download

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You who would heed the whisperings of the aetheryte and take up the mantle of "adventurer. Comprised of Aldenard, the westernmost of the Three Great Continents, and its surrounding islands, the realm of Eorzea has been the cradle of several unique civilizations throughout history. Towering mountains dominate the north, their peaks forever lashed with icy winds; to the south, a bleak expanse of unforgiving desert holds sway. Yet these inhospitable lands hold irresistible lure for man and monster alike, for wide and deep flow the currents of aether, and rich are the veins of power-infused crystal.

In this harsh though vibrant region, the people of Eorzea have carved out their histories�a cycle of prosperous Astral and disastrous Umbral eras. The First Umbral Era brought an end to the age of the gods, and there have been six such eras of calamity since the First Astral Era ushered in the age of man.

Each of the Umbral catastrophes has, in turn, borne the characteristics of one of the six elements. With all the elements now represented, it was believed the current Astral era would last into eternity.

But in the seventh verse of the Divine Chronicles, Mezaya Thousand Eyes prophesized a less fortunate fate. The "senary sun," or Sixth Astral Era, would indeed end, and the "septenary moon," or Seventh Umbral Era, would cast its shadow upon the land. The life of an adventurer is the pursuit of fortune and the pursuit of fame. It is the devotion of oneself to seeking out danger and glory wherever they might lie. It is an endless quest taken up only by the most intrepid and dauntless of souls.

The term came into popular use among the people of Eorzea little more than a decade ago. Left idle by the onset of the Age of Calm, a leading mercenary officer gathered to his side a number of trusted companions, and together they formed a guild dedicated to the common cause of aiding the realm at large. The Adventurers' Guild has since spread, and can now be found in each of the. It is here that Eorzeans come with their myriad pleas and requests, and here that adventurers heed the call, whether it be the slaying of some foul beast plaguing the countryside, or the crafting of fine wares demanding a master's touch.

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Read Critic Reviews. Notice: Includes 30 days of free game time for all newly created service accounts. Monthly subscription required to play. View Community Hub. Join over 25 million adventurers worldwide on an adventure that will take you to the heavens and beyond! User registration and service subscription are required to play the game. Moreover, this day free play period is not applicable to platforms on which a license has already been registered. The codes will always be accessible from this location should you ever need to reference them again.

Please note that the Brazilian and Russian subscription and optional item prices were adjusted on November 15th, If you are using a router, please set up your ports so that the below packets can pass through.

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WebFINAL FANTASY� XIV Online Complete Edition [PC Download] Enter the realm of Eorzea and join 25 million adventurers worldwide. The Complete Edition is perfect for . WebDownloads: Play FINAL FANTASY XIV's Free Trial US United Kingdom France Germany Australia/New Zealand Download the Free Trial and start your adventure! .