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Benchvue software download

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Simply click on your instrument on the Instrument tool bar and additional documentation relating to that instrument is automatically loaded. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to quickly create simple test procedures or sequences that used to require days using traditional programming languages.

Obtain a deeper understanding of your data using the built-in analysis tools that log and graph the data with selectable x-axis and y-axis formats. With BenchVue Test Flow you can: �� Create custom test sequences fast and intuitively �� Combine multiple instruments into a sequence for better DUT characterization �� Drag-and-drop controls and for rapid test prototyping Interpret results more quickly by: �� Validating your sequence setup using the preview tool �� Customizing your graphs to view measurements with different X-axis and Y-axis information �� Viewing data logs in tabular form �� Exporting data to popular tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and MATLAB for documentation or further analysis Visualize your Test Flow results in chart or tabular form.

Use blocks to control your test workflow Create your test procedures in BenchVue Test Flow by dragging and dropping blocks into a test sequence. This intuitive method of test design allows you to understand the order of operations within your test sequence.

Simply use the instrument controls and measurements that are available from integrated instrument controls in the BenchVue apps. For added flexibility, several utility blocks are available in BenchVue Test Flow including step controls, loops, and the ability to run SCPI commands, integrated Command Expert sequence blocks, or external programs.

BenchVue Test Flow is integrated into the BenchVue framework and occupies the right-hand panel of the user interface. Arrange the BenchVue Test Flow blocks in sequence in the order you want to run them. Top to bottom. Built-in blocks add flexibility for your test sequences. Optional Pro License: BVA BenchVue Function Generator App Control your function generator to set waveform properties and load custom arbitrary waveforms from files or drag-and-drop from an oscilloscope.

No-cost base version data logging capabilities. App release August These apps are updated regularly with additional models as shown below.

For the most current supported instrument list, visit: www. These models will be available August Multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers and power supplies are all supported from one app. BenchVue includes a demonstration mode that requires no instruments to be connected, making product evaluation quick and easy. To assist in the evaluation of BenchVue with physical instruments, BenchVue includes an integrated user manual and getting started guide to make setup quick and easy.

BenchVue mobile is a mobile app that you can install on an Android or Apple iOS device to control BenchVue bench applications running on your Windows computer.

BenchVue mobile connects to your computer as a client, and requires that your mobile device and computer be connected to the same local network or intranet behind the same corporate firewall. This network connection can be made via a WiFi connection inside your work location or externally through a VPN connection.

IO Libraries Suite IO Libraries Suite information is available at: www. Android phone and tablets; Android 4. BenchVue software for PC Download cost free at: www. From first simulation through first customer shipment, we deliver the tools your team needs to accelerate from data to information to actionable insight. We are unlocking the future of technology. Keysight Channel Partners www.

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Select from the following license types depending on whether you want to install the software license on a single computer, be able to transfer the license between computers, make licenses available to multiple users over a network server, or use a hardware USB key dongle to physically transfer a single license between computers.

Select from the following licensing terms of use depending on whether you want to have unlimited perpetual access to the license or limited subscription access to the license as a more economical option.

Note: The time-bound aspects of the Perpetual license license does not expire and the subscription license license expires after limited time start at the time you add the software order to your Keysight Software Manager profile see details below. To obtain a software license for a BenchVue application, follow the procedure below. If you want to purchase a software license for network-based "floating" licensing, see Network License Administration Guide.

Note: If you are unable to install your software license file using the procedure outlined below not common , you can manually install the license file on your computer. For more information, see Manually Installing a Software License to install the license file and activate the software license on your computer. Note: For USB portable licenses, you will need to install the software license file on each computer that will share the USB key dongle.

In addition to the software license as described above, USB portable licenses require an additional software driver that you will need to download and install.

Save the license file to the following folder on your computer:. I'm really not a big fan of it, it's clunky, buggy and altogether a bit of a mess, which leave a bad taste in your mouth when you then want to use a meter or other pieces of test equipment and discover that in order to get the full functionality you have to spend even more money on their extortionately priced modules.

This is compounded by the fact that when we actually bought the meter in question the Agilent DMM software was still in use and gave us the full functionality for free. Sorry for the rant but yeah does anyone know of any alternatives that are any good? It is no longer maintained -- unfortunately because Ulrich, DF6JB is no longer with us -- but lots of people still find it useful.

Beyond that, what functionality are you looking for, exactly? There are also tools like PyVisa which gives you a Visa add-on for Python. However, it's actually Labview 14 Home, it's not officially compatible with Windows 10, and I can't find anything that suggests that it will ever be updated. I'm taking this route because: a. It's free b.

It would allow forms once created to be distributed easily c. I have some experience with Windows Forms for VB. Net This should allow me to create Windows Forms that can access all my test gear and form stand-alone windows utilities that would perform specific tasks like calibrate a DP using a xxxxx bench meter. I envision that the code would follow a simple state machine with tabs on the form so the first tab would be connections, the next settings, and subsequent tabs to perform actual tasks.

If you want to follow progress, the thread is here. If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer. Have you tried Keysight command expert, it also has the possibility to program third party instruments. Quote from: peertux on March 09, , am.

There are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can not. Depending on what you want and how much effort you want to put in, there is always the option of making soething in Matlab or octave, but I don't know to what extent octave has cloned the instrument control toolbox from matlab or Python.

I am doing something similar for the sake of learning. The best part about magic is when it stops being magic and becomes science instead "There was no road, but the people walked on it, and the road came to be, and the people followed it, for the road took the path of least resistance".

High Voltage - Thanks, I'm reading up on it now, it looks pretty good so far. I'll report back on my findings. I use python-ivi with jupyter notebooks. Jester Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. I just tried installing command expert with Win7.

I'm not sure what the conflict is but all I get is a "swirly" over a black pane, after 5 minutes of swirly I gave up It really should not be this difficult, I'm loosing faith. I installed Keysight Command Expert on my 4k Windows 10, 64 bit laptop; it reported success and told me it needed Keysight IO drivers which I found, downloaded and installed. The driver installation was when it said it would install as secondary..

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WebJun 24, �� The main software runs fine and the only criticism (so far) is that the help has the tiny text and icon issue associated with older programs running on 4k screens - the . WebJun 24, �� Keysight VISA installation offers to install as a secondary VISA and to leave NI-VISA as primary (even if NI is not installed), then Keysight Command Expert and . WebOct 31, �� How to Download Click the Download button. Save or run the installer. How to Install Double-click on downloaded software file to run the installer. Licensing Requires .