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Killing kryptonite pdf free download

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You dont want to miss this one. There is a way to discover the life that we all long forbut the answers may surprise you. But the problem for both Superman and us is theres a kryptonite that steals our strength.

Of course, both Superman and kryptonite are fictional. But spiritual kryptonite is not. This book offers answers to why so many of us are unable to experience the divine strength that was evident among first-century Christians. In Killing Kryptonite, John Bevere reveals what this kryptonite is, why its compromising our communities, and how to break free from its bondage.

Not for the faint of heart, Killing Kryptonite is anything but a spiritual sugar high. This is serious truth for any Christ-follower who longs to embrace the challenging but rewarding path of transformation. I understand that this must be a frustrating process when making a choice if an individual should buy Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Steals Your Strength ebook for ereader, or virtually any well known device where the reader enjoys to read their digital books.

Letter - Compassion Over Killing. Urban tactics - Killing Architects. Recommend Documents. A companion programme to Flight Risk Linden stares some more. I think this a book that absolutely every who claims to be a Christian should read, but be warned: it is NOT an easy, breeze through and agree with everything at the end of it kind of read.

It is deep, powerful, aggressive, uncomfortable and in the end, I think, incredibly timely for the world we live in. It will not be an easy read but it will be one you are better off for having wrestled with, that much I can guarantee. This was another good book, with what was ultimately a simple message about practiced sin and idolatry. Lynne Farrell. John Bevere speaks boldly to us in his latest book, Killing Kryptonite, to address why we as individuals and as a church, are not living in the power promised to us by Jesus.

Using both illustrations from his personal journey, and extensive Bible references, John carefully walks us through explaining what is making us weak and ineffective. It might sometimes be difficult to hear the truth, but John Bevere does not shy away from telling us what we really need to hear.

This is a book that we need to be reading, and teaching about. I received an advance digital copy of this book. A dear friend recommended this book to me, so I started reading it without any bias. After the first chapters it felt like the author came out of a rather charismatic environment and I wasn't quite satisfied with his hermeneutics presented in his writing, e. On a positive note, he also addressed many issues and sins, and talked lengthy about the misuse of tolerance inside the church walls.

His main idea of keeping the body of Christ pure is a very noble one, however his view that our generation will reach the status of prime health, abundance and supernatural gifts is a bit problematic. And I would also be very cautious when reading authors who openly associate with progressive motivational speakers. Read it with a vigilant mind, not nit-picking every word, but testing it with scripture :. Karen Ferguson. Author 2 books followers.

A critical message for such a time as this! These are uncommon topics in our society, and even in our churches today; yet, the author tackles them head on and does a fantastic job of speaking the Truth in love. This book will convict you in a good way and challenge you to "know God intimately," which is really what we need to overcome any challenge in life and destroy what steals our strength.

I highly recommend! Justin Nichols. We had outstanding conversations and not only connected about the book, but got to know one another better throughout the talks. And as they explained why a certain part stuck with them or what they took away from a section, I was challenged to expand my understanding of each one and see it from my friends' respective points of view. We encouraged each other, challenged each other, and respectfully disagreed at times as well.

It was all very healthy and enlightening, and ultimately a blessing. Bevere makes dozens of excellent, sound points. He drifts a little bit from time to time, uses some Scripture passages too loosely or out of context here and there, and occasionally fluctuates between too direct or too vague, but overall John has a wonderful heart and a passion for following Jesus with everything he is and has-- and for that I highly respect and admire him.

I learned some things and was provoked by a few others, so all in all, it was a successful read. Some very important topics are discussed, so I recommend. Olga Gorea. This book changed my mind. I have realized one more time the importance of intimacy with my God.

Moreover that , He is my Daddy , ready to help me fight with my fears and life "giants". Love Him. Keep on you going. Do not be affraid of "giants " I highly recommend you read it!!! Alex Emmanuel. Highly recommend it! Ben Presten. Extremely powerful, eye-opening book. Packed with the Word, this book is so convicting and motivated me toward holiness. I highly recommend it.

Rich Beckwith. This is the 2nd book I've read from Mr. The first was, "The Bait of Satan", which I also recommend. This book focused more on sinful mindsets, behaviors, and weaknesses in the disciple of Christ. The transparent testimonies and real boots on the ground experience living the life as a believer in Christ was relatable and refreshing.

There were a couple instances where I didn't completely agree with Mr. Bevere thoughts and how he ran his business. But that is not to say that this book won't encourage you to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Good job Mr. Carrie Daws. Author 29 books followers. John clearly speaks hard truths with a pastor's heart full of love for God's people, much like the apostle Paul years ago. Bevere doesn't want us just getting through life, but he deeply desires us to live fully-pleasing-and-acceptable-to-God lives.

Lives that do not merely display God's glory on occasion but are full of His power and grace on a daily basis. Using illustrations from his life and ministry, John ignited a passion in me for more´┐Żmore intimacy with God, more display of His power in and through me, more of whatever God needs me to see and wants me to be. More than once I felt convicted where I recognized that compromise has crept into my life, and more than once I asked God to help me remember the lessons I was learning so I could walk away from this book forever changed.

I do believe this is one of those few books that I will read again´┐Żnot merely because I want to, even though it was that good. No, it's because I need to. If you want to better understand what holds you back from more fully experiencing God in your life, this is a great place to start.

Nderitu Pius. Re reading this book is a breathe of fresh air. Consider this, we speak about godly matters and GOD but we lack the power.

This is where we have dumb questions like "Do we still have miracles happening? This is a call to the church to depart from the ways of evil and return back to her first love as Angela played adultery against her husband.

Be warned as Matthew This is absolute trash, among the worst of the worst and yeah, John Bevere deserves to get canceled back to obscurity HARD. Jesse Ludema. Not impressed. I read the first two chapters but was not intrigued at all. It lacks substance and depth. Maybe it would be good for someone who is just new to faith, but I felt like I was listening to a sermon by a scatterbrained preacher.

Bevere definitely says good things, but that definitely doesn't qualify this book as a good-read. There was no life force flowing from their inner person. I appreciated the emphasis on repentance. Andrea Conway. Prosperity gospel junk. Pero al mismo tiempo que expone distintas situaciones y ejemplos se pierde el objetivo y siento que no se llega a ninguna parte.

I honestly would rate this book somewhere between a four and five star. I believe John is a talented author and expertly communicates what he wants to say. He is very passionate. I like reading the audiobook because it was read by the author. I think that added a little bit of something to the book for me because you could hear the Passion in his voice as he was leaving´┐Ż Almost as though he was talking directly to you.

It really moved me. I had to take it in chunks so that I could really process and think about it and pray about the content. I really need to get on a reading plan and do better with that. Normally I read a book with an expectation of 5 stars. I read with the intent of it being what I expect.

Nearly three years elapsed from when I started this book to when I decided to finish it. I stopped reading it in and Ickes it back up in I got this book because the title caught my eye. Being a Superman fan, I liked the idea of receiving a Christian message wrapped in the familiar colors of my favorite super hero. Sadly, I also encountered the authors rather bold declination of gay people.

Having a close friend who is a gay woman, and a lover of Jesus and of God, is someone who is headed unapologetically to eternity in hell. Or people who make gender choices.

Marcio Gabriel. Yay I finally finished this! Took waaaaaaayyyyyyy too long. It had a very good message but it dragged quite a bit, often being repetitive, but I guess it gets the point across?

Maybe that was just me idk.