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That could encompass a few minutes a week, all the way to a full-time job, and anything in between. It is a black box, giving me no information.

In other words, projects. I often say that with knowledge workers, the biggest bottleneck is always getting up in the morning. Knowledge work requires not only our time and effort, but also our engagement and creativity. For that reason, personal motivation is the prime problem that supersedes all other problems.

Now, imagine the psychological effect of waking up to the list on the left day after day, week after week, month after month, even year after year. Areas of Responsibility rarely if ever change, remember? No matter how hard you work, how many years of service you put in, the list of never-changing obligations only gets heavier and longer.

By breaking these responsibilities into bite-sized projects as in the list on the right , you ensure that your Project List will change nearly every week. This creates a rhythm and a momentum of project completion to maintain your motivation. It generates the constant novelty that the latest research suggests is essential for satisfaction. And you can always break down your responsibilities into smaller projects.

Have you ever had the experience of preparing for your annual performance review, and not being able to think of what you accomplished in the past year? Not to mention negotiate for a promotion or pay raise. One final note on projects vs. Projects require you to be laser-focused, to ruthlessly drive toward an outcome, to smash through or circumvent obstacles, to ignore distractions i.

Areas, on the other hand, require mindfulness, balance, flow, and human connection. This is the realm of habits, routines, rituals, and intentional communities.

Areas require introspection and self-awareness, because determining whether or not you are meeting your standard is an intuitive exercise, not an analytical one. Put it side by side with your Goal List, and draw lines matching each project with its corresponding goal:.

They give life meaning and purpose. The bottom line here is, define your projects, or they will define you. What this means concretely is that you should define your projects apart from any particular program or tool. Write them down on a piece of paper or in a blank document, away from the hints, incentives, constraints, and assumptions of any software program. You may use a centralized platform like Basecamp, Asana, Jira, or Zoho, but technology is advancing too quickly on too many fronts for any one company to do every single function best.

I recommend doing so down to the exact same spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, so that your transitions between programs are as seamless as possible. This creates a friction to learning new tools that might be better suited to specialized tasks, inhibiting innovation.

In the example above, the list of projects is identical in every program, and could be further extended to any number of other programs. This leverages the unique capabilities of each program, while keeping the project layer unified across interfaces. The first principle is that it uses the number 4 as a guidepost. In more speculative findings, some primitive tribes seem to have specific words only up to the number four, and many animals seem to be able to distinguish up to four individual objects.

The second principle is that P. The third principle is that P. How does it enhance actionability? By recognizing that actionability is not black or white. It is instead a gradient, a spectrum that should be hidden or revealed depending on the context.

This helps minimize the cognitive load that knowledge workers must always contend with. Day to day, in the trenches of getting things done, you might focus on the first column, looking at material related only to the active projects.

Do any of your current projects give you an excuse to also pursue a related interest? The notebooks here tend to have the most objectively valuable information, which you may want to access when looking for material to use in a blog post, to recommend to someone, or for a work project.

And finally, the Archives are your portfolio of completed projects, each one inactive but ready to offer up potentially useful material to reuse and recycle in future projects. I often find that being able to reuse my notes on a topic, a well-designed slide, a section of a proposal, or other assets saves me tremendous amounts of time, which is especially critical in a freelancing business in which I am doing everything myself.

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Parachute; parachutist: paratroops. All rights reserved. Chemistry usually in italics denoting that an organic compound contains a benzene ring with substituents attached to atoms that are directly opposite across the ring the 1,4- positions : paradinitrobenzene ; para- cresol.

Abbreviation: p- Compare ortho- 4 , meta- 4. Chemistry denoting an isomer, polymer, or compound related to a specified compound: paraldehyde ; paracasein. Chemistry denoting the form of a diatomic substance in which the spins of the two constituent atoms are antiparallel: parahydrogen.

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