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Learn kannada in 30 days pdf free download

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Adu kitaki. That is the window Idu kurchi. This is chair Adu meju. This is table Idu namma mane. This is my house Neenu illi baa. How did you come here? Idu yenu? What is this? Houdu, adu nanage beku. My name is not ABC Nanage pencil beku. I want pencil Nanage idli beda. She came Alli pustaka ide.

Book is there Illi nodu See here Bega baa. What is inside? Horage maLe ide. It is raining outside Alli nilli. Stop there Eega neenu baa. Come now Aaga maLe banthu. Good day. Good morning. Good night. Thank you. How do you do?

Very well, thank you. Sorry, I'm late. Which fruit do you like? Ninage yavva baNNa ista? Nanna, Avana Maneyalli ,avanalli Nanna hesaru guru Maneyalli yaaroo ilva? Ex :- hauda? Entha is a charcter prbing question? Ex: idu entaa haNNU? Aadaroo Even then when combined with questioning works, the meaning changes drastically.

Replying Remember when replying use houdu � to say yes. Houdu, infosys bus illi baruthe. Yes, infosys bus comes here Illa � to say no. Naanu ticket padedu ayithu I have taken the ticket Agilla � to say not over. Give me another Beku - nanage aa dress beku. Pack maadi I want that dress. Please pack it Bere - ii tomato chennagilla. Bere kodi This tomato is not nice. Jyasthi - ishtu beda.

This is more than I need Kammi - innu solpa kodi. Idu thumba kammi ayithu Give me some more this is too little Phrases Yeshtu usage Typicall usage will be Idu pointing at something yeshtu � how much is this.

Note the differences between the following. Sl no 1 2 3 Kannada version Illi hattirada bus stand yelli ide? Munde ide Dhanya vaada English Translation Where is the nearest bus stand? Thank you 4 Naanu majestic ge hoga beku. Majestic ge hoguva bussu illi barutha?

Illi baruthe Yaava bussu hoguthe? Illa, bari matra hoguthe I have to go to majestic. Will buses going to majestic come here? They come here Which buses will go? It will take half an hour more Will go through Wilson garden? No will Scenario 2: Inside the bus Sl no 1 2 3 Kannada version Majestic ge ondu ticket kodi Aidu rupayi aguthe Majestic bandare dayavittu thilisi 4 5 6 7 Majestic innu yeshtu doora ide?

Innu nalakku stop Ide majestic stopa? Ide majestic English Translation One ticket to majestic please It will be 5 rupees Please let me know when majestic comes How much further is majestic 4 more stops Is this majestic stop?

Please sit down 5 6 7 8 9 Wilson garden alli right thagoli Munde left thagoli Yenu meter ishtu agide alla! Naanu dina baruthene � 40 rupees asthe aguvudu. What the meter is showing so much! Illa illa bere kade ella 10 rupaye.. Idara bele yenu? Inoora aivathu rupaayi Illa thumba jyasthi ayithu. Kammi madi kolli. Illa sir fixed price Yenu riyayati illava? Illa sir onde price Beda bidi � naanu bere angadi yalli nooduthene. Ayithu yeshtu kodutheera Naanu inooru rupaayi koduthene Ayithu thagoli Yenatharu defect iddare replace mada beku Yenu defect iddaru naave bere shirt kodutheve Dhanya vaada English Translation This shirt is nice.

What is its price? No it is too much. Reduce it. No sir fixed price No discount is it? No sire only one price. I shall shop for it in another shop. Allright how much will you give I will pay All right take it If there are any defects then will you replace it? Yes if there are any defects then we will replace it. Maduve aagideya? MakkaLu iddaara? Nimma kutumbadalli estu janariddaare? Manege estu baadige? Manege estu tingala advance kodabeku?

Mane kelasa maaduvavaru sulabhavaagi siguttaara? Aduge maaduvavaru hattiradalli siguttaara? Hattiradalli hannu-tarakaari elli sigutthade? Pakkada maneyavara hesarenu? Are you married? Do you have kids? How many people are there in your family? How many months advance should I deposit? How is the water supply? Do we get domestic help easily? Do we get services of a cook in the vicinity? Where do we get fruits and vegetables in the vicinity?

Yaavaga paathre tholiteeya? Chennaagi batte ogiya beku English Translation come tomorrow at 8. Thindige jothe coffee kudide Coffee thumba kahiyagide Curry thumba khara Rasam nalli uppu jyasti yeardu spoon sakkare haaki Dese thannige agide Nannage bisi bisi coffee ishta Bega badisi serve fast Neeru yellide? Coffee chennagide Coffee chenagilla Kai tholidu kollu to wash the hands Important Verbs and interrogatives yenu ide?

This can prefixed to enquire menus. Examples are menu alli yenu ide whats in the menu , kudiyokke yenu ide? Whats there to drink? In general a question of yenu ide is like asking for the entire menu.

Ideya � is there? This can be used when we want to ask for a specific item. Examples are coffee ideya [generic form ideya? Vijaya Subbaraj and N. Learn Kannada in 30 Days. By Ranga Rao. Best Seller. Sold Out. Learn Marathi in 30 Days Romanized. By Sanjay. Learn Gujarati in 30 Days. By Pon Subbiah. Learn Telugu in 30 Days. KotraiahAnna L. Kavi Kalidasa Original in Kannada. By Adya Rangacharya. Modern Kannada Grammar With Transliteration. By Robert J.

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Learn Kannada in 5 days- Conversation for Beginners

Webenglish in 30 days learn kannada bing, learn kannadain 30 days book worldcat org, learn kannadain 30 days. Source #2:spoken english in 30 days learn . WebDec 5, �� You are on the go and can learn Kannada anywhere. Learn Kannada with the Android and iPhone app "50 languages" The "50 languages" Android or iPhone app . WebDownload Learn-kannada In 30 Days Type: PDF Date: November Size: KB Author: Satish Reddy Kunduru This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed .