How To Loot: Pull Pin Puzzle MODs APK download on android 🔝 Original “How To Loot”: Pull The Pin & Rescue Princess Puzzle 🔝 is the most challenging free pull the pin game made by independent game developers. Always wanted to play pull the pin game you saw in those well known ads? You finally found the game! Forget other pin pulling games – they’re mere clones of each other, play original “How To Loot” now! We put our soul into the game and made one of the most authentic problem solving games among pull the pin puzzlers.

Logic puzzles are finally implemented in the most ingenious way in this pin rescue game. If you think other pull the pin games where a hero rescues princess or you have to pull him out not hard enough for your sharp brain – try our “How To Loot” logic puzzles. Exercise your brain, solve tricky pull pin puzzles, pull the pin, rescue princess, loot shiny treasure, defeat the goblin on a variety of handcrafted levels in a fantasy setting. Funny characters and original story line will make your experience even better in one of the best problem solving games. Be the hero – rescue princess!

“How To Loot”: Pull The Pin & Rescue Princess Puzzle salient features:
☆ Well known and satisfying pull the pin truly physics based game mechanics.
☆ Pour water into lava, disarm traps, pull the pin or push the pin back, search for treasure, save the princess and many more funny mechanics!
☆ Story driven adventure in a fantasy setting unlike other pull the pin games! Mysterious and amusing story of a princess rescue and her companions you won’t find in any problem solving games!
☆ Be a hero or a heroine. Play as an old mage and pull him out. Or pull pin and help hero rescue princess when she’s in charge!
☆ Epic boss fights! If you know any other pull the pin games having boss battles – please send us a message 😉 Challenge your mind and defeat the goblin, trick a slime or avoid a ghost!
☆ Hand crafted and challenging logic puzzles you won’t find in any pin rescue game. Real brain trainer!
☆ Secret logic puzzle levels! Only the smartest hero would be able to pull him out and solve!

We guarantee that “How To Loot”: Pull The Pin & Rescue Princess Puzzle is the most challenging pull the pin hero rescue puzzle available on the market! If you’ve been looking for pull the pin games you saw in spoofy ads and dreamed to be the hero rescue princess, you can finally calm down and play this addictive free pin rescue game.
Fixed minor bugs and updated 3rd party libraries. app id (com.a42games.HowToLoot)

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