Download マギアレコード 魔法少女まどかマギカ外伝 2.2.3 APK

Download マギアレコード 魔法少女まどかマギカ外伝 2.2.3 APK

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妹の存在を求める魔法少女 “環いろは”
大切な人の救いを求める魔法少女 “暁美ほむら”



主人公 “いろは”を中心とした「メインストーリー」

麻倉もも 雨宮天 夏川椎菜 佐倉綾音 小倉唯
小松未可子 大橋彩香 悠木碧 斎藤千和
加藤英美里 他多数出演(敬称略)


Ume Aoki, Gekidan Inu Curry (mud dog), shafts, etc.
“Madoka” production team is give to mobilize new development of “Madoka ☆ Magica”

When you fulfill one of the wishes, the girl becomes a magical girl, piggyback destiny to fight the witch as its consideration.

The stage is emerging city, KamiHama City. So it occurs started the accident.
Magical girls As can be derived is gathering, it has continued to fight with the witch.

“The presence of firstborn is off?”
Magical Girl “ring ABCs” to seek the presence of sister
“If you know the mystery of this town, it might be able to save Kaname’s …”
Magical Girl determine the important person of salvation “Akemi flame”

Intersect feelings of magical girls, Another hope is born.

[Game contents]
We will continue to advance the story while fighting a team of magical girl.
In the new command selection method called disk, magic formation, skills, while a combination of elements such as Magia (deathblow), highly strategic battle will be waged.

With a focus on hero “ABCs” “main story”
To proceed in a different time axis and magical girls “Another Story”
Magical girl each and every story “magical girl story”
It consists of three, and then appeared quirky magic girls more than 30 people.

◆ ◇ starring actors ◇ ◆
Heaven Asakura Amemiya peach Shiina Natsukawa Ayane Sakura Yui Ogura
Mikako Komatsu Ayaka Ohashi Aoi Yūki Chiwa Saito
Emiri Katō and many other performers (titles omitted)

Theme: “Relationship” (song: TrySail)

◆ corresponding OS ◆
Android4.4 or more (except for some terminal)

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