Blue princess2 MODs APK download on android “Sasuke, I’m going to defeat the Demon Lord!”
“My princess, …again?”

Enjoy an exhilarating battle with the Princess!
This game was created with the idea of making easy combat for smartphones as enjoyable as possible.
Enjoy the exhilaration in your spare time!

You’ll love the exhilaration of using the equipment you’ve gained from fighting the enemy and using your cards to defeat them!
Discover the right combination of job and card for each character and enjoy the battle!

The princess, bored in her castle, sets out on a journey to find the Demon Lord.
(Is there really a Demon Lord?)
The epic story of Sasuke and the princess, who want the princess to work for them, begins here.

Please try this battle system for yourself.
You don’t need to have played the previous game to enjoy this one!
Thank you for playing Soukyu no Princess 2.
Here are the changes for this update.

Added new areas.
Added the ability to set the job level of level 10 and above to 0.
We’re working on a new version of the game.
-> This is an experimental measure, so we may change it back.
We’ve made some changes to the way the game works. app id (com.TownSoft.BluePrincess2)

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